trying to set a thanksgiving meal time

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  1. Since most of you eat a Thanksgiving meal, what time of day do you usually sit down? We are inviting guests this year and we don't know if our "usual" time is way late or what?

    I was thinking 4 pm? Does that seem late to you? (This is earlier than we typically eat the meal because invariably I get behind and it ends up at 5 pm, but I'm starting earlier this year).

    Do you think 3 pm sounds more reasonable? I have NO IDEA what is customary!
  2. I think this year we're going to do it at the same time as last year which is 6pm. However, in the past we always had it between 3-4pm, just because it was the most convenient time for everyone that was coming over since they had other places to go afterwards.
  3. Our family has never really had set times, but traditionally, we've usually had a "late lunch" time, say b/t 1:30-3 p.m. I would think 3 p.m. should work out just fine. I know some ppl don't have dinner until like 7 or 8 p.m. and I can't imagine that. I would not want to be stuck cleaning a kitchen and all those dishes at 10 p.m.!
  4. I think 3 or 4 is fine. It's a good time for dinner. My family usually goes out to eat for Thanksgiving and it was always early evening. This year we are having it at my Mom's house, dinner will at 4pm.
    I still can't believe its next week!! Where did November go??
  5. I think 3 or 4 is great. When I do Thanksgiving Dinner that's usually about the time I try to shoot for. It seems to work best if there are younger children (unless it interferes with naps). It allows time for cleanup and a long walk or touch foootballl game. The rest of the day can be kind of lazy. I usually serve dessert some hours later.
  6. 3 is the goal, though i think we usually end up eating at 3:30 or 4
  7. ^Yeah I would def set it for a little earlier than you actually want to eat- it always seems to take longer! That way you won't be starving by the time everything is ready :smile:
  8. We usually drive to see family about an hour or two away. I think we try to get there for 12:00 or 1:00, but I could be wrong. My mom just tells us when to be ready to leave.
  9. We are having it at 4pm, which is the time we usually have it. But, It will just me My Mom, Me and my SO this year, since his family has decided not to do anything.
    When we go to Ohio for Thanksgiving, my family usually gathers at my Grandpa's house at 3pm.
  10. We tell most of the family that dinner will be at 2:00 - which means they show up after 3, and we eat about 4.

    We have good snacks / appetizers to hold us over. :P
  11. we usually eat around 3, but the past few years we've done it a tad earlier so i can leave Atlanta and get back to Athens - I always work the 4 a.m. Black Friday shift at Best Buy, and I like to get back home early so I can at least sleep for a little while.
  12. I shoot for 2:30 PM...3:00-3:30 is fine, but I do tend to like it to be early. The reasons being that there is usually a 'uge mess to clean up and then too as the day goes on the leftovers get used!