Trying to sell an Hermes bag, am I unreasonably suspicious of potential buyer?


Jun 7, 2006
Behind the wheel....
Hi All,

I had one of my Birkins up for sale on eBay. Actually had a very reasonable offer but unintentionally let it expire as I was swamped with something at work. I had to re-list and had the following dialog with an interested party. As you can see we did not agree on terms...mostly money but also some things raised red flags for me. I ended up pulling the listing, after which the buyer came back and actually agreed to (most of) my terms. Bear with me...below is the dialog (personal info redacted):

XYZ: Would you sell for 6000 (note they did not submit an offer and I automatically declined everything below 6200)
I replied with an offer for $6850 (same as the one I inadvertently let expire from another buyer), with an offer to send more photos.
Thank you so much for the note.
I would love to buy but I have a budget I need to stick with.
I have another seller looking to sell through PayPal for 5250.00
Thank you but i can't accept your offer

WingNut: Ok no problem! Thanks for getting back to me and enjoy your new bag. Would you be so kind as to formally decline my offer if you haven't already done so, so I can work with the other offers?

I just spoke with my husband. Anyway 5900 would work through PayPal?

No, I'm sorry but I can't go that low....I've already rejected numerous offers higher than that. Unfortunately a big chunk is taken out in fees in addition to that.
(a bunch of dialog going back and forth about how much in fees etc)

XYZ: (new message initiated)
Would love to purchase I would buy outsider of eBay and pay through PayPal transfer

WingNut: Contacting me to request the transaction take place outside of eBay is against the terms and conditions of listing here, so I'm not going to do that.

In sorry I manat to message another seller

XYZ: Good Morning,
I;m still trying to find the best bag to purchase.
What would be your lowest price you would consider?
The other seller on eBay wants a bank transfer and for me to contact this third party to authenticate.
I know you said paypal take the a large percent as well as eBay.
i just feel in my heart the bag your selling would not have any issue.
I want to follow guidelines but is there anyway we can work something out?
My watch did sell to a woman on eBay who lives in my community.

(I didn't reply)

Then this:
XYZ: Would you be so kind as to let me know today your lowest price
Thanks so much

WingNut: My lowest price is $6850, through eBay, using PayPal. I did get your other message earlier....I'm not sure what you mean by "hope we can work something out". It seems you are still asking for this transaction to take place outside of eBay?

Also, I must insist that you have my bag authenticated as well. I *know* it is authentic since I purchased it myself from the boutique, and have a copy of the receipt. You should do it to validate what you are paying for, but furthermore it is for the SELLERs protection, so that you cannot come back later and claim that the bag is not authentic. I suspect this is why the other seller is asking you to do so.

Understand and that was my concern.
Would you take 6300 if I sent you a cashier check and still bought through eBay

No sorry. PayPal is there for our protection and Cashier's checks are often used in scams.
I am ending this listing as I no longer feel comfortable selling it on here without getting scammed.

And then....this!!!!!
I deeply apologize for contacting you again regarding you handbag.

I know you removed your listing but I really have been doing my research and homework in regards to purchasing a Birkin bag that truly states it is what it is.

EBAY is a great hub for sales and purchases but you are right, you always have an individual who is seeking ill intentions.
I am not that. I had a really hard time selling my chanel watch but it ended up being a wonderful experience here on Ebay as the women who bought it lived within five miles from me. She looked at the watch and I also told her we could bring it to a jeweler just so she had piece of mind.

You have seemed so upfront and honest this entire time we have spoken. I have spoke with my husband and for the sake of piece of mind paying a bit more is worth it.

Other sellers have just not come thru or have gone back on their word.
If you ever want or intend to sell your bag I would be more than happy to pay 6500.00 for your bag.

Thank you so much for your time!

There were just so many red flags in this dialog....not making a formal offer, asking for it to take place outside of eBay...not answering messages in the thread but starting "new" messages or replying to other ones (ie, not all in one thread, it took me awhile to put this together), then wanting to do a cashier's check instead of paypal. Most importantly was the party saying they dropped their interest in the other bag they were going to buy when the seller asked them to go to an authenticator and do a wire transfer.

I'm posting this here as a gut-check for me. My gut tells me this is wrong (even if they have 143 positive feedback). I *could* be wrong and it could just be terrible communication from someone who just wants to get the damn bag. Your thoughts?



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Feb 25, 2007
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No, NO, NO, NO!!

No good can come from this transaction and interchange! As I told someone (just yesterday) who messaged me privately asking whether she should go through with a transaction, my advice to her was the same as I'll say to you: "If your spidey sense is up, if have to ask whether to sell to her, if you're seeing the red flags, you foresee a problem and you should block!"


Jun 7, 2006
Behind the wheel....
Thanks....I thought so...too many issues. I'm almost impressed with how elaborate they are in trying to get around the issue. You'd think after I called them on some of the things that they would have given up!

The gut rules :smile:
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Feb 10, 2016
Thanks....I thought so...too many issues. I'm almost impressed with how elaborate they are in trying to get around the issue. You'd think after I called them on some of the things that they would have given up!

The gut rules :smile:
These scammers are damn Professionals now, go with your gut, we all agree


Feb 5, 2014
Buyer sounds really dodgy and annoyingly persistent. OP, glad you went with your gut! Kudos to you for being so honest and forthright, yet tactful, in your communications! All the best with selling your bag at the price you intend, hope the next transaction goes smoothly! :smile: