Trying to sell again!

  1. Not long ago I listed three items for sale on eBay. Neither one sold, not even one bid! Anyway, I just listed another item and please everyone, send me some good seller vibes!
  2. Good luck, hope your item sells
  3. Don't worry, you are not along. Now is a very bad timing to sell. Maybe hold them up for another couple weeks then relist them.
  4. Good luck! I recently started listing more again and sold an item today lol. So I hope my others sell well too!
    *good vibes going your way!*
  5. Thanks for the good vibes! Not only did my item sell...the buyer also paid immediately!
  6. good vibes your way.
  7. Good Vibes Headed Your way ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!
  8. good luck and good vibes coming your way
  9. Good luck with your sales! I know I need it too... and I just bought more bags to sell while I was visiting my family in NY. Sometimes I get a little out of control! I now have plenty of stuff to sell and a very large AMEX bill! lol