Trying to relocate

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  1. Hello everyone-

    I am trying to relocate to Boston. I am currently working in DC. I have applied to many jobs and so far I have had one phone interview and that is leading me on to a second phone interview, but I don't want to put my eggs in one basket obviously.

    A recruiter contacted me from boston this morning but told me she could not help me if i'm not actually in boston yet. I am not comfortable with moving without a job.

    Does anyone have any advice with getting a job in another city? I think it's hard since I'm not actually there.
  2. You're positive you want to move to Boston, correct? I ask b/c most employers will see an out of state address and likely think the following: 1) hope they don't expect relocation expenses; 2) this person might end up hating Boston and quit soon after being hired. If you're 100% committed to moving, then I'd suggest looking into a mail forwarding service so that you won't have to include your out of state address on your resume. (Although, I would advise disclosing your location if you get a phone interview. Just really sell the idea that you are ready to make the company's city your home should they hire you.)
  3. hi- thanks for responding. I am sure. my entire extended family lives in Boston. I've spoken with my aunt and she will let me stay with her while I'm apartment searching. the company knows I've been talking to knows I'm in dc and want to relocate. I had been putting her address on my résumé but now I've just been including my situation in my cover letter.
  4. just wanted to post that i got a job offer and am moving up the first week in november! wahooooo! i guess dreams really can come true.
  5. congrats!