Trying to pick which bag for Disney.

  1. If your first inclination is none, try and put that really use my bags alot, for whatever....but trying to decide is hard.

    I am torn between Aurelia GM, white for a tote and cabas alto.

    It is suppose to be beautiful weather, high 70's - low 80's so it might be fn to get may be my last use for the white mc for awile.

    For daytime use I think I am going to take new denim backpack, GM that I haven't even used yet...just not sure it will be big enough to haul all the stuff the kids tend to dump on me!

    Or one of the antiguas can go.

    I wonder if disney has the wagons for rent, does anyone know?
  2. Weather is a balmy sunny mid 70's low 80's. oooh... don't take the Aurelia go with the Alto better tote for Disney and the kids.... IMO:girlsigh:
  3. I love Disney too! We go to WDW at least once a year, we are staying at the Poly in July! I am so jealous you are going soon.

    I like a small bag in the day at WDW, so I will probably bring my White MC Pochette when I go in July. I think a backpack is a good idea too. I brought a bigger bag in the past and it was a pain to lug around. The good thing at Disney, if you buy stuff you can always pick it up on your way out or have it sent to your hotel.

    Have fun!
  4. I like one of your Antiguas would be great for a tote!!!!! And the backpack is a great idea!
    As for wagons....I don't remember wagons when I was there...but they do rent strollers & such...and you can buy stuff and either pick it up on the way home or if you're staying at a Disney hotel they'll send it to your room.
  5. honestly, i probably wouldnt take one of your really nice bags! Just incase you spill stuff on it, or perhaps it gets stolen? I was there a little while ago, and its just so crowded, and if you put your bag down.. someone might just pick it up. So just be careful! have an awesome time, i love it there!
  6. i'm a disney fan too ;)

    If you need to be "hand free" a backpack is great but if you plan to buy a lot of stuff ;) you will need a pretty large bag !

  7. ohhhh...I should also say...make sure it's something with a zip top. Someone actually tried to pickpocket my Dads wallet out of his back pocket while we were watching a parade. So much for happiest place on earth LOL
  8. Security, zip top, lots of space and easy to keep clean then... Cabas Alto...:yes:
  9. I would prolly go with the backpack myself. Infact I am planning on going next year and will prolly take my Baggy PM with me (and the long strap). Last year I took a plain black Le SportSac with me and then bought a small messenger type bag while I was there. It had a good number of pockets and it was embroidered with a small vintage Mickey Mouse. And something about the 50 year celebration. It was about $25. It's actually a really nice camera type bag

    I will say this, last year when I went, I had left my camera on a bench in front of the Haunted Mansion when I stopped to eat, and just left without it. A few minutes later, I had noticed it was gone, and went back to pick it up. Another guest noticed I was looking for it, and said a Castmember had picked it up! She pointed me in the right direction and I was reunited with my camera! I was soooo relieved!

    My friends are leaving Tuesday for a trip as well. I am sooo jealous! They are staying at the Paradise Pier and got reserved seats for Fantasmic as well as one of the character breakfasts. I wish I could go! LOL. I couldn't get away this time. But next year for sure!
  10. I would go with the backpack- whatever you decide have lot's of fun.
  11. I actually just started planning my trip to Disneyland with my husband and my son Jacob next June! (I hate it though because I grew up in Southern California and I use to be able to just drive down there and use up my season pass..) i'm soooooo jealous!! I dont know if you should take any LV because you shouldnt be worried about it when you are trying to have fun...
  12. backpack keeps you hands free... also, you will really 'pack what you need'. ifyou take a large tote, you'll pack what will fit- and that will get heavy! have a great trip!
  13. I'd go with the Alto.
    My mom's taken her black MC Speedy, brown Chanel Vintage Ligne tote and navy Chanel Grand Shopper. I've taken my BH, Damier Speedy 30 and Chanel Cambon tote/bucket. I just tend to take ones that are of a pretty durable material and that I know will survive water rides, if I don't have someone to hold onto my bag for me ;)
  14. I think the backpack and the antigua are both great choices...I wouldn't bring the aurelia...I wouldn't want it getting bumped around for fear of getting it dirty...I hope you have a great time!!!
  15. I took my antigua last time I went and it held up great! :biggrin: