Trying to pick out a scarf as a gift - SOS!

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  1. A very dear friend, who I've known for 20 years, is graduating with her masters in nursing at the end of this month. I've been agonizing over what to get her. Cash seems a little, well cold and temporary. She has a lot of jewelry so I was thinking a Hermes scarf might be just the thing. The problem is her style is so different from mine that I just don't know which one to pick out. :confused1:

    Can you ladies help me? Please? I know she likes the Gucci flora scarf, but I think a Hermes scarf would be more special. She tends to wear casual chic clothes, sort of classic tailored. Think loafers or mules (never sneakers), pressed button downed shirts, skirts usually but sometimes jeans and shorts in the summer, sometimes dresses with heels. For colors she wears jeans but alot of pastels (I think we've lived apart for awhile), black more at night, khaki colored shirts or pants. She is rather pale, with blue eyes, and big dark blonde hair. I'm at a total loss here on which scarf would be a good starter. :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:

    I don't think this is something that she'd buy herself - she loves the sale rack - but she started wearing little scarves due to my influence, but I just know that once she tries a big scarf it will be so her and just add to her classy look.

    Also I'd like to pick out one from a store in DC or NYC with a good return policy, just in case, but I'm not sure who carry Hermes in NYC. I know that Neimans does here in DC. I have no idea what the policy at Hermes is - I guess I could take a credit and give her cash if she didn't like it.

  2. I am going to suggest the Black Dahlia mousse.... I don't think that one can be a 'miss' ever.
  3. Does she live near you? Perhaps you could take her to H to choose a scarf together and then for tea (or bubbles) to celebrate.

    I'm a big scarf virgin so I couldn't help you chose :shrugs:
  4. Oh phew Rose is here - I knew a scarf guru couldn't be far away!
  5. :roflmfao: hardly.... but perhaps Tods, Maggie, etc will stop by soon...
  6. Unfortunately she doesn't live close by! I did suggest a Hermes scarf at some point and picking one out the next time I was in NYC (she is close by) - she didn't jump at that suggestion, but I think its because she isn't the type to buy something unless its a deal - she was looking at Hermes scarfs on bluefly for example and I don't think I've ever seen her pay retail.

    Maybe some people seek luxury and others have it thrust upon them by their well meaning friends.;)
  7. If she does not like what you get her, Hermes will happily exchange it for her.
  8. hmm, if you are going the safe way, I'd suggest "Fleurs por le dire", which is very simliar to the Gucci florals.

    If you want to get her something she'd never have picked out herself, it's a lot trickier. Given her coloring, I'd go with a blue scarf, which is a great starter color, and the great Maggie will tell you is the BEST color. The light blue "Chemins de Garrigue" from past season will be quite nice, or the light blue "Ballet Equestre" from this season.
  9. How nice of you! If you get it from NM you have a safer return policy in case she is just not wanting it (unlikely). H only allows store credit.

  10. What a lovely friend she has in you :heart:
  11. My favorite subject!!

    Another nice blue is Le Toits de Paris, which is available now in the stores. Lets try to find some pics of these for WN! (you are a good friend!!) Its a great pattern and if I werent so camera deprived I would take a pic....

    Another idea, a scarf or pochette and a scarf ring? That way she can use the scarf ring with her Gucci scarves as well.
  12. The fact that I would love this for myself probably means my dear friend wouldn't - great friendship, vast differences in taste.
  13. ...or a plisse?
  14. Ok, I'm looking up some of the suggestions. Blue might be good since she wears neutrals and it would bring out her eye color...hmmm. She has a couple of small pocket squares, so I was thinking a larger scarf.
  15. Les Toits. Maybe your friend will feel like this parisienne when she is finally finished with school...