Trying to pick a wedding band...

  1. ...and I need some advice.

    I'm 99% sure I'm getting a new band from DH as my anniversary/Valentine's Day gift. He keeps asking me which one I have my heart set on. I told him I want this Tacori one:

    Do you think that will go nicely with my e-ring, which is a tulipset solitaire platinum setting, and my stone is 1.5 carats? The only thing is the color on my stone is a little bit lower grade than the diamonds on the band. Does that matter, and can one really tell???

    Okay, secondly, I've been eyeing these Cathy Waterman bands for almost a year.

    I would get two of them, one to wear on each side of my e-ring. A sweet gal at the store sent me a picture to get an idea of how it would look...of course mine is a high setting so all three would fit more flush than hers in the pic. I really like them. The only thing is, they are 22k gold (which I think would look cool mixed with my platinum ring). I've heard 22k gold is very fragile, and the rings being so thin and the fact that I would wear them everyday makes me nervous. Should I just stick to the Tacori band? Here is a picture of my e-ring (ignore my little pseudo band in the picture). TIA for any advice and opinions. :heart:
    Ring 004 467x350.jpg Ring 009 467x350.jpg ring4 467x350.jpg
  2. BOOO the forums froze me!! lol

    truthfully i like what you have now. the tacori one has like micro diamonds in a set of 6/8 and i dont like that. the bagguets are very nice though.. maybe a band with just those?

    btw on the gold question. i wore 24k .999 pure gold bracelets and they get funky... same with the ring.. it takes dents easier and gets shaped over time.. not sure on 22ct.. but im guessing it will shape over time and the diamonds might fall out? i would not wear anything over 18k with diamonds.. even with 24k bands the prongs are 18k
  3. Thanks sinnie. The pics are from last year, and I don't have the little band anymore. I have been wearing my e-ring alone for some time now, so I definitely gotta pick a band...and fast, before DH picks his own for me. LMBO!
  4. btw no offense but the cathy bands look a bit dirty due to its dark tones. ever try rose gold? same style but in rose gold?
  5. Thanks for the input sinnie!!!:flowers:
  6. I like the Tacori one you picked. I don't care for the Waterman bands. I also like the ones that sinnie posted. Are you opposed to color in your band? I always think that a band w/ rubies, emerald or sapphire and diamonds is so pretty and unique. I ask that b/c you posted a more unique band by Waterman. The 22K gold would concern me for daily wear, I've also heard it is quite soft.

    This band is beautiful and has yellow diamonds in it too:

    I love this one:

    And here is a thinner band, w/ pink diamonds, similar in price to the Waterman bands and you could do two.

    I feel in love w/ some wider bands, but I don't think they'd fit flush w/ your ring, which I am gathering you'd like.
  7. Thanks elizat. Okay, at least I can eliminate the waterman bands! phew!

    Do you think the Tacori one will fit flush with my ering? I was kinda set on that one (and only really considered the waterman bands as an alternative). Should I go back to the drawing board and check out these other styles? lol

    BTW, I love the first one from Blue Nile.
  8. i agree go with the blue nile one!
  9. I think it would. You could probably return it if it did not. Have you tried it on IRL?
  10. ^^^ When I was picking my wedding band, I must have tried on every band in 12 stores before I picked the one I wanted! Go to a nice jewelry store with a good selection, be nice to the SA and try some! See what you like! Then, if you find a better deal online, you'll be more comfortable ordering one!
  11. Edited...woops I guess reading all the posts helps!

    I think that if you can return the Tacori if you don't like it that you should go that route.

    Also check out and click on Facets Collection. They have tons of gorgeous bands.
  12. I didn't think to ask. Great idea!!!