Trying to pick a bag...

  1. I love the day style and have a magenta city pre-ordered. This is my question. I really need a bag that I can carry across my body (like the courier) b/c I'm going to soon have 2 kids under 2 and need free hands. I love BBags b/c they are so light and smooshy.

    Is the courier my best bet? Are there any other styles that I can carry that way? Has anyone seen any like this recently in Anthracite?

    I hope I haven't asked a question that has been answered before but I just want to make sure I get something that I will be able to use daily. Thanks!!
  2. Try the Messenger
  3. I you carry a lot of Stuff, and want to wear your bag as a Messenger,
    the Courrier is the best option.
    But if you prefer a smaller bag, the new flat Messenger could be great...

    Here is the original thread of mine :

    But I must admit, it's too small for my needs :sad:: in the end I used it maybe less than10 minuts (walking with it to my car to go to Work)
  4. If you're not adverse to shoulderbags... Work, Weekenders, and the Day are also good options :yes: The Work or Weekender are great for diapers and such :tup:
  5. I think the Word would work great, if a shoulder bag isn't a must.
  6. Thanks!! I LOVE the courier, I just didn't know if there were other options. Now to try to find it in anthracite..... hmmmm...

    I hope I can, I guess I'll get black if not.
  7. Go for a pretty dark color. Steel or Ink would be sweet too. Since black is more common, you can add that to your collection pretty much any time... ;)