**Trying to move away from the Classic look**

  1. Hi everyone..So I love LV, and I'm thinking about buying myself a new bag for Christmas. The problem is, I don't know what to get! I LOVE big bags, however i'm trying to move away from that "Classic LV" look (monogram, etc). Does anyone have any suggestions as to what bag I should buy next ? =) I don't know all the names of the bags but pictures will surely help! My only LV bags include : LV monogram papillon & damier speedy 30.....i was thinking of getting the speedy 35 mono but realized i need something Different! =) Also, does this mean I have to have a budget that's over $1,000 ? lol
  2. How about something from the denim line?
  3. I love the denim bags!
  4. Yeah - the denim series is an excellent idea. The Neo Cabby is absolutely georgeous... and roomy
  5. what about Multicolore?
  6. something from the Denim or Multicolore lines would be nice. i love the Denim Neo-Speedy and Neo-Cabby, and the Multicolore Trouville
  7. i would say an epi speedy would be really great. i think a 25 is like 880.
  8. If you want a big bag, you will probably have to spend over $1K, unless you decide to wait for the Damier Neverfull whenever that finally comes out...
  9. yeah i guess there's no LV bags right now that is saying "BUY ME BUY ME!!" except for the speedy mirage but $1800 + tax is wayy above my budget right now lol. thanks for everyone's suggestions, i'll definately check out those collections.
  10. The Denim Neo Cabby in black is a great bag. Also anything MC are really fun.
  11. Get the MC line. Either Priscilla or Trouville. Those are a couple hundreds more. They are beautiful. :drool:
  12. OH MY GOSH this bag (denim neo cabby black) is gorgeous!!!! too bad it's $1700+ =(
  13. mini lin speedy is 675 ;) i just got the dune from a wonderful pfer and I think I'm gonna get the ebene in the new year!
  14. Mini Lin speedy! Get one in Ebene. It's less than $1,000! If you're in the U.S. I think its about $670.
  15. Maybe a vernis? I also love the MC line, or maybe a smaller denim bag. There is also the azur speedy.