Trying to make a decision

  1. I am attempting to help my sister make a decision.
    She can get a new bag this week, three styles she is torn about.

    Hermes Blue Jean Birkin.
    CoCo Cabas in black
    LV Miroir Alma in Silver.

    I have voted for the Hermes, advises I think the Blue Jean is a timeless classic in togo leather.
  2. No question about it ... definitely the Hermes birkin in blue jean! I've been lusting for that bag but unfortunately have no funds to get it:sad:
  3. To me, the choice is clear....Hermes!! While all of those bags are gorgeous, I think the Hermes is a bag she will treasure forever.
  4. LV miror in SILVER:yes:That is one HOT bag!
  5. I would go for Hermes or Chanel but absolutely not go for LV mirior. Personally, I don't like it at all.
  6. Hermes is a classic she will have forever. Coco cabas is lovely in black leather (but I don't like the vinyl version). This style may date though; I can't see it being a timeless bag. I'm not a LV fan but even so, can't see the LV being a keep and love forever bag.
  7. coco cabas in black leather :drool:
  8. Out of the three bags you've mentioned, Hermes will outlast them all.
  9. Thanks to you all I have e-mailed her and advised Hermes is in the lead by far.
  10. Hermes!!!! We don't have that may opportunities in our lives to purchase one of those!
  11. No contest--Hermes. In every area, it's the best bag of the three.