Trying to love my jumbo...

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  1. Coming from LV, I’m used to big bags and carrying everything with me. I’m also used to the slouchiness of bags. I love how my speedy b was so carefree. I love my ponthieu and how squishy and light it was. I’m trying so hard to love the jumbo. I’ve had to really minimize my items and carry just the very bare minimum. What if I need my emergency portable battery to charge my phone?! What if it rains; where’s my umbrella?? I’m not used to such a structured bag. I’m also terrified of scuffing the corners whenever I’m walking. I’m terrified of just using it. And if I try to carry it cross body, it’s heavy and awkward. It’s a heavy purse. Am I just not meant to carry a classic flap? And don’t get me started on my mini rectangular bag bought last month too. Very cute to look at, but not very practical for my needs. Two very expensive bags that I fear will just sit in my closet...advice?
  2. Maybe you should have gone with a single flap? They are much lighter and fit a bit more than the regular double flaps.

    If you‘re not going to use these bags, sell them. There is no point in having handbags just sitting in your closet, they‘re too beautiful to be collecting dust.
  3. Perhaps you should've tried out the flap at the store, so you know what to expect before buying them (is it heavy, will it fit or how much of your everyday items can fit in)?

    Just sell them off since they're not practical for you
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  4. This is a dilemma for sure. It definitely sounds like you are just too scared of ruining them to enjoy them. I have a pink lambskin jumbo that I used to carry all the time without regard and it did end up getting pretty worn on the corners and had a little color transfer on the back. I since took it back to Chanel and had it redyed. I'm more careful now but still use it quite often. My point is that if you can live with some wear and tear, these bags are actually pretty durable. If you use it as you would a canvas tote or the like, you probably won't be happy with the condition it ends up in. Just my two cents. Hope you find a resolution!!
  5. I don’t know, do you have to love the Jumbo? Seems stressful having to try so hard, as you put it, isn’t it easier if you love what you love and stick to it?
    I myself don’t like the Jumbo either. That said, I like Chanel flaps in medium and small sizes. I don’t think these were bags designed to move lots of stuff around, just my personal opinion.
    But it sounds like smaller bags are not your thing, so if you like the Chanel look, why don’t you look for a Chanel tote or backpack? You may find it suits your style better?
  6. If you take a load of stuff then I think it’s best to look for a preloved Chanel GST .You might find that more useful.
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  7. It is a bit of a change to go from slouchy bags to structured Chanel bags. It is normal not to know how to handle it in the beginning, and whether you like this new change or not. I totally agree with you (i.e. the OP): LV bags are amazing, durable and care-free. And all that practicality is in a luxe bag. But there is a whole world of luxe bags that are structured and that do not hold much. The Jumbo seems large, but as you said, the space inside the bag is limited. Honestly, I would give it a second chance and try harder to narrow down what you carry:
    - Switch your bags. Use LV on some days, and the Jumbo on others.
    - Do not adopt the visions of "either LV and practical OR Chanel and impractical" or the "one or nothing mindset": you can have both styles of bags for different occasions and looks. Bags will respond to your own specific needs. One bag won't respond to 100% of your needs. On some days you need a slouchy look, and on some others you need a structured look and a timeless classic. That's why you need to have a variety of bags and to rotate between them. It is almost like using and buying shoes: imagine a person who has one single pair of shoes and wears them with every outfit, for every occasion, days and night, winter and summer... You know that this "one fits all accessory" won't look good. It is the same with bags.

    Here are a few advices on how to make the Jumbo more practical for you:
    - Start by using a small compact wallet or a cardholder for the days when you carry the jumbo
    - Buy a mini umbrella. It will fit in the Jumbo and won't take much space
    - Use a smaller hand cream and bring only the touch-up makeup, like one lipgloss or one lipstick, and no extra makeup for "just in case"
    - Think twice of how many essentials you really need on days when you carry the Jumbo. Usually we carry a lot of things we do not really use in our bags.
    - Plan the days when you will use the jumbo ahead: if you know that your day will be long, and you will need a lot of stuff, then use another bag and not the Jumbo. If you know that on that day you will have a few activities, then bring the jumbo with the narrowed down essentials. If you know you will have a lot of hectic situations or face large crowds, then do not bring the Jumbo or bring it occasionally, to reduce the risk to get it damaged.
    - The goal of luxe bags is not always to use them at their maximum or all the time. The goal is to style them and to enjoy them. It is about how those bags make you feel when you take them out and wear them.
    - Give yourself some time to get used to it. You have a long past of using large bags, without any space constraints. It is normal to not love the Jumbo when its use comes with all those changes. But it might be also an opportunity to use smaller bags on specific days, and to discover a whole new world of bags and slgs for those new bags.
  8. If you only want a daily work/school bag that you can use day-long and in thunderstorms, stick with LV canvas.
    There is no handbag that is indestructible, even LV canvas bags, let alone leather bags.
    If you want to use a bag daily/often, be mentally and physically prepared it would brake, get worn out and need to be replaced.
    If you want to preserve a $8000 leather bag longer/decades, wear it only on important occasions when the event is indoor, last less than 5 hours, and you have a car sitting in valet.— Problem solved, no battery charger, no umbrella, no water bottle.
    I love my jumbo, my love means it doesn’t go to work, doesn’t carry 5kg+ of stuff, and doesn’t run in the rain with me.
  9. Sounds like this is the wrong bag/size for your lifestyle.
  10. I went from the large mulberry hobo (think big enough for the kitchen sink too) to Chanel flap bags so I understand your point. I have however found the space restrictions liberating. I went out without all that stuff and survived! I also live in London where it rains more than the sun shines. Caviar is ridiculously durable . The jumbo is heavy, that I agree on and generally only carry that when driving. The mini though is my absolute favourite bag ever compact, beautiful and cross body.

    If you are not loving it though you shd sell. No point having expensive pretty wardrobe decorations.
  11. Very good advice! Thank you!
  12. I’m definitely scared of scuffing then!
  13. I’m definitely going to look into this.
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  14. 2 very different bags in my opinion. I personally don't use my Chanel Jumbos as an everyday bag. I use them for special occasions, formal events, and when I know I won't be taking the NYC Subway. I use my LV's as my workhorse bags along with my Balenciaga's and other "less expensive" designer bags.
    I think that if you can separate in your mind the 2 bags into 2 separate categories then you won't have these negative feelings about your Jumbo. I know some women use their Jumbo as an everyday bag but that's their prerogative...maybe they carry less than you and me or they have no qualms over stuffing their bag.
  15. I think there's more people who have been in your situation (not that it's a dire one, or anything).

    Would you consider selling it? It's totally okay not to love the jumbo because it doesn't meet your needs...sometimes you won't know it til you get the bag. As suggested by another poster, it's always best to try them in store before purchase. While the jumbo is praised as a holy grail bag - I think it's part marketing.... people want the bag because other people want the bag... and other people want the bag because people say how great the bag is... the cycle goes on. This doesn't take into account individual needs.

    But now that you already have and don't like it, why not get some money back? You can try it for a couple more months as or wait until another price increase, then sell it.
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