Trying to love Azure

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  1. I ordered an azure Swagger 21 from Macy's this past Monday. The bag finally arrived today after a few UPS mishaps. I so wanted to love this bag, especially after all of the azure reveals here and the anticipation with the shipping delays, but I'm just not as in love as I thought I'd be. I was expecting it to be more vibrant based on the stock photos. The more I look at the color, it grows on me, but I feel like it might be one of those purchases I'll regret once I cut the tags.

    Unfortunately my local Macy's doesn't carry much Coach at all so I may stop by my boutique to see if they have anything in dahlia, as I've not seen that color in person yet either. But then again, I still miss the canary I exchanged for pistachio croc Swagger last week. Wonder if I should just go back and get that one again? Why can't I just have all of them? Hehe.

    Anyway, figured I'd share a pic since I know a lot of you are interested in the color. Not the best lighting since it's already dark here. I'm kind of curious to see if I like the bag any better in sunlight.

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  2. I really love that colour! The Dahlia is really vibrant too though I don't think you can go wrong with either. Go with whatever your heart desires, all the colours you mentioned are great spring choices.
  3. Maybe it is this color on this style you're not fond of? I love it, but it's not my bag and I won't be carrying it lol. If you're not feeling it I say return it. So many other bags out there.I find with myself if I don't initially love it then I probably won't in time. It needs to be instant love and the feeling just isn't there for you. Don't cut the tags and regret it. Wow I sound so insightful tonite. hahah :graucho:
  4. I love the style, but it's the color. I should have known from the beginning since I don't normally like "cool" colors (they just don't go as well with my skin tone) and this is a pretty cool blue. I had ordered dahlia, but cancelled and ordered this instead, thinking that since I liked them equally (from photos) that it'd be better to go out of my comfort zone. I'm going to return this one at Macy's tomorrow, then head over to the boutique to see if they have the dahlia croc or canary pebbled. I just downsized my collection big time so I really need to focus on only adding bags I truly love. Thank you for the help. It pushed me to do what I knew I needed to!
  5. I totally get it. Sometimes you just need someone to say the same thing you're thinking lol. Yeah, I've downsized my collection a lot lately so, like you, I'm trying to buy only what I truly love. Well good luck and definitely post some pictures if you come home with a new bag. :smile:
  6. While it's beautiful, if you don't feel it, then it's not right for you. We are attracted to different colors -- that's why Coach offers so many color options. Good luck deciding.
  7. The color seems to vary based on the leather type. I agree with you that on the Swagger it looks more flat--it doesn't pop.

    I am going to check out Azure in the cross body bag @macys this weekend. I want to love the color but want to see it before I commit to it. ;)

    Good luck with your decision!
  8. I agree with the others - if you have to talk yourself into it it's probably not the bag for you.

    The color does seem to vary based on the leather type. I love the bright blue pebbled as a fun color, but the azure 1941 glovetan literally made me gasp the first time I saw it (and actually several times since). The best thing about it is that it's burnished and has color difference and depth to add visual interest. If you are still open to the cool color you might wait and see what else comes out in glovetan.

    I snapped this yesterday in Dillard's - my azure Dinky vs the azure crossbody. The crossbody was a very pretty color but not at all the same.


  9. Thank you for the comparison! Wow they're different! Good to know. How would you say they're different? Plus doesn't yours have gunmetal hardware & the other one has silver hw?
  10. Thank you all for the input! That comparison photo - wow, what a difference! I was hoping it'd be like the shade of blue on the Dinky. It really does seem to pop on the glovetanned leather and I'm sure the burnishing adds a lot to that. I agree with those who said it looks flat in the pebbled leather. It just didn't pop to me. I think a lot of it depends on lighting as well. I went to the boutique today to look at a replacement and all the azure on the shelves there looked much more vibrant. But again, the lighting.

    I ended up leaving with the dahlia croc Swagger and I do love that color. It also looks different from the pebbled dahlia Swagger. It's crazy how the colors vary so greatly between the leather types. I just need to tell myself to not buy bags until I see them in person first! Sometimes the deals get the best of me, though, and I can't wait!
  11. I 100% agree. I went into the store to buy it Friday based on the vibrant online color, but it's not the same. I wanted to love it as well, but couldn't get the vibrant color out of my mind.

  12. Glad you found one you loved! Pix please! [emoji3]
  13. Totally agree. I hate when stock photos don't show the true color. I always end up falling in love with bags/colors based on photos and end up disappointed when I see them IRL.

    Of course!

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  14. Thanks for the comparison pic!

    I saw the cross body in Azure @bloomies and did not love it. I prefer the quality of the 1941 collection.

    I ended up snapping up a fog 23 saddle bag at the boutique. So glad I stopped by to browse the sale!!

  15. Okay that's one goooorgeous pink!!! It deserves its own reveal thread![emoji3]

    Is it love?
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