Trying to look naturally beautiful, LoL

  1. Well I am wanting to try something new.. I want to look bare and natural, As in no shadow and makeup look.. (My day look and evening look has always been the same) So I go to sephoria today and I buy some Tinted moisturizer but just wearing that I look kinda plain. I was thinking maybe curl my lashes and some clear mascarra too? I dunno... How do you look naturally beautiful?
  2. I was born that way...(lol just kiddin´!!!)
    The natural beauty, is get a flawless skin....+tinted moisturizer and concealer.
    If you think you´re too plain, try to dab a bit of Benefit "benetint" on your cheeks (for the natural rosy look) and on your lips (like you´ve bitten them)
    And mascara, I´d go for a black one, as long as it´s not too thick it looks natural.
    Also, do your eyebrows (not overdone)
  3. Definitely agree with the flawless skin. And well-groomed brows are a must!
  4. Of course everyone doesnt have the opportunity to wave a magic wand and have flawless skin, I sure dont have flawless skin! But, I still dont wear a ton of make-up and rarely ever do I put on eyeshadow(even though I collect it like I use it on a regular basis lol!).

    This is my daily makeup regimen-- I wear a tinted moisturizer and a little bit(when I say a little, i mean just a little little bit) of powder just because I dont like the feel of my face with just tinted moisturizer on it. I curl my eyelashes and wear one coat of mascara. To look not so flushed I wear a blush thats close to my skin color, but still gives me a little color. And always well-groomed eyebrows!
  5. I really don't notice much of a difference when I wear make up or not....I think for the reason you stated--I go for a natural approach. Most of the time I just use a neutral shade eyeshadow. I LOVE Everyday Minerals Rare Silk Eyeshadow. It's a whitish color but once you put it on it just gives your eyes that wide awake, refreshed look. I unfortunately have to have some color on my face or else I look washed out, so I go for a very subtle blush, like Everyday Minerals Natural or Fresh Air. Hardly noticeable, but just enough to not make me look like a zombie. On days when I want a little more color I use Soft Touch which is a really pretty pink, or --my favorite-- Swimming Pool (a peachy brown shade that looks like you just got a little sun).

    For mascara--clear is good. I have clear mascara from e.l.f. that I love, but I usually just swipe some black on there. Ideally you could instead just use an eyelash curler and the clear and that would work just fine. Black is fine though, as long as you don't put more than one coat on, then it's noticeable.

    Slap on some tinted chapstick and you're good to go!!!
  6. Oh and yes, powder. I forgot to mention. I use a concealer for my chin area because I had a really bad episode a month or two ago and it left red marks all over. I use Everyday Minerals for that as well along with their foundation. I can't use tinted anything because there would be such a contrast with me being so pale.
  7. one coat of black mascara will still look quite natural, and a little clear gloss on your lips.
    definitly agree with everyone has said well groomed brows, i keep mine in place with a tiny bit of vaseline, sounds silly but it makes them look slick and tidy!
  8. I wish I could go all-natural, but I feel ugly without some kind of eyeliner and eyeshadow. I agree that tinted moisturizer or mineral foundation would help make your skin look flawless, then some blush or bronzer on your cheeks, a coat of mascara and maybe a nude eyeshadow to even out eyelids.
  9. If I want a super natural look, I do a very light dusting of mineral foundation, matte bronzer, mascara, lip balm...
  10. My natural look:
    1. tinted moisturizer/very sheer liquid foundation
    2. concealer for under-eye and other problem areas
    3. loose transparent powder
    4. matte nude and very light brown eyeshadows - seriously, you still need some shadows for the "natural beauty" or your face will look too flat. and don't forget to blend them well.
    5. brush - i think it looks more natural than bronzer
    6. mascara - if you want to be really natural, go for dark brown instead of black. it's less dramatic. just a coat is good enough
    7. well groomed brows - just like everyone else says
    7. sheer lip gloss

    This might sound quite a lot for "natural", but it really looks natural when it's done. :graucho:
  11. ^I agree, I'd go for dark brown mascara instead of black.
    also I'd wear a tinted moisturizer or light cover foundation (make sure that you get one that matches your skin tone perfectly to avoid that 'mask' look) and I'd wear light rosy/peach shade of blush and apply it only on the fleshy part of the cheeks (smile and apply in a circular motion) and not upwards towards the ear (if you want to use anything there it should be bronzer, but IMO you don't need it for the au naturale look) Then I'd use a bit of clear mascara or vaseline on my eyebrows to shape them (or color them in a bit if they need it) apply some peach lipgloss and voila! :flowers:
    you could also put a tiny amount of white/light colored eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye, by the tear duct, as it'll make you look wide awake and well rested.