Trying to locate New Chanel

  1. I am looking hard for a red patent Luxury purse. I think it is new. I seen it for the first time tonight. :drool::drool: It's just GORGOUS!!!:love::love: I seen the pictures DJO posted some time ago. Anyone know where I can find one??? Thanks.
  2. they were from this past season:yes:
    Have you called NM?
  3. Will do tomorrow. Thanks SMO3.
  4. :cutesy:
    My NM had them last time I was there:yes: Good luck!
  5. May I ask what city??
  6. NM @ Shops of WIllowbend in Plano, TX - Dallas area.
    They're open for 5 more minutes, ask for Shannon in handbags.
  7. Thanks sooo much. You've been wonderful. :smile: I'll have my other half call tomorrow. :yes: