Trying to locate Gucci Large Patent Boston Wave Bag

  1. Ladies - it was release last May... can anyone help me locate this bag? I am after the black patent...

    I am from Australia, so someone that can ship to Australia would be handy....

  2. I would love to find this bag as well, its beautiful!!! Good luck.
  3. I have this bag in the mono canvas which i received in november.. and let me tell you i have not stopped using it since. i absolutely LOVE this bag, and am thinking that i might have to purchase a replacement in the future!!! good luck on your search!
  4. I just saw that recently, but I can't remember to save my life. I want to say it was on Bluefly, but I just looked and it wasn't there. Wasn't at Styledrops or Raffaello Network either. Grr! I KNOW I saw it!