Trying to Locate a Mirage Speedy

  1. Does anyone know if the LV stores are going to be getting more Mirage Speedys? They are all sold out and I really want one, but no one can seem to let me know whether there will be new shipments after the holidays. Has anyone heard anything about this?
  2. Where are u located @ there are plenty of them here in HK and readily avaliable however, the price went up a little.. !!
  3. I am located in Los Angeles.
  4. Try calling (866) VUITTON
  5. I did and they said they were all out of them and did not know when they would be in stock. I am so sad.
  6. Actually, I guess I should say that there is one out there, but it is on hold from someone and if they don't want it then I get it. But there is no specific deadline for the person to buy the purse so I am not holding my breath. I really wanted a new LV for the holidays. I bought the Trevi GM but I think it is too big for me.
  7. There are a few listed on eBay; just make sure to post it under "Authenticate this" to make sure it's authentic before you bid.
  8. OOOOH, I just saw one in the display case at the Neiman Marcus LV boutique in Boston, MA. Call there!! (I don't remember which one it is though.)
  9. How do you post it under Authenticate this on eBay. I have never made any major purchses from there.
  10. ^^You post the link or pictures on the ATT and people will help you out on authenticating it.
  11. As of yesterday, SA checked inventory in the computer....
    only 2 left in the states....

    best bet is ebay....good luck!
  12. If there are still 2 in the states, you can have your SA call and purchse it for you. You'll have to pay for shipping but at least you get the bag you want!
  13. Whoah... I was told last week that there were ZERO left in the US... maybe I should call tomorrow?!? Or hold out for a Tivoli GM....
    Darn, darn, darn... I don't know which one to choose!
  14. The Neiman Marcus in Boston does not carry LV. Only the LV boutique in Copley and Saks in the Prudential, perhaps you meant the LV in Saks? I just wanted to mention this so the OP could find the correct store KWIM.