Trying to let my natural color grow out! Please help.

  1. I get my hair processed blond with bleaching & highlighting. I am trying to grow my natural hair out to its natural light brown color. My hair is past my shoulders and without cutting it at all is there a way I can do this (or wear my hair) so that it won't look tacky (half brown/half blond)??
  2. Is dying the blonde to your natural colour not an option? If you really can't dye it the only thing I can think of is maybe get some clip in extensions the colour of your own hair to add a bit of that colour to the rest of your hair instead of just the roots.
  3. Hey there! I'm no expert but I asked something similar before and what they advised me to do was to colour the dyed parts with a demi-permanent hair colour that matches the roots. Again, it's gotta be DEMI permanent for some chemical reason I can't remember. Hope that helps!!
  4. I went through the same thing at one point. A good idea is to get lo- lights instead of hi-lights. That way it will be somewhat darker and when roots grow in it might not look so bad? I know when I tried to just go a darker color it never took.
  5. Seems like lots of ladies are going back to brown!! I just did tonight and I'm so happy, good luck!