Trying to let my hair grow out from a pixie is driving me crazy. I need to do something.

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  1. I have been attempting to grow out a very short pixie cut since January. I have had one cut to shape it around April and hubby has been trimming the neck area when needed to stop that dreaded mullet look. I wanted to do a bit of a edgy cut in growing it out but ended up with just getting a good trim and shaping it up I believe in August. I had foil highlights too.

    But I kind of hate my hair right now. I must have had various pixie cuts for the past 30+ years, different shades of blond, frosted, highlighted, two tone dark roots, but always a beach blond look. Messy pixie too. My hairdresser gave me a great cut last time and used different sizzles to get the weight off so it didn’t hang flat. And the highlights were perfect. But now I am at that point I need to do something again.

    I am undecided what to do. My bangs are angled and go from the bottom of my eyes to almost the bottom of my nose. Top layer reaches the upper middle ear in more of a blunt cut with longer layers under it. But it feels flat to me. I can wear headbands and clips with no problems. I just feel there is no style and to me it looks like I am trying to grow it out. I am debating on getting the original edgy cut I wanted last time where the hair is almost like a blunt cut but has a faminine undercut below it from the ears down. Not buzzed cut. I figure this might be the easiest was to let the top part of my hair continue to grow out. Also I know getting more highlights will work well with the cut since my hair is growing out. My hair is extremely healthy, I don’t use and heat styling on it. Can’t complain about the condition of it in any way.

    For those who have grown out a pixie how do you cope? I feel I have made good progress bit there have been times where I wanted to have it all cut off in a pixie cut again. I think the part that bothers me the most is the back and neck area. It just feels so heavy but is not a even blunt cut but a few different layers growing out with a blunt shape on the bottom neck area.

    Any advice?
  2. Suggest:
    1) choose end result style--where do you want to go with haircut?
    2) choose same stylist--to be in tune with your growing goals & give ideas.
    3) when in doubt, try to reach 1-length--don't keep cutting away progress in frustration.
    4) buy barrettes, headbands, etc.--having hair feels heavy & weird, after pixie, so enjoy playing with styling tools.
    5) may take a year or more to grow out--be patient.
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  3. Some photos would help, you could blur out your face if you wanted. If the goal is longer hair, I think I would just try to let it grow out and only lightly trim it when you have to, like for split ends or evening it out. I have hair below my shoulders and mostly wear headbands, barrettes, clips, etc as I've always enjoyed hair accessories and I don't want to spend time curling my hair most days, they help dress up straight hair that just kind of hangs there and can look flat. If you don't like your bangs you could pull them back with a clip or barrette and even boost them up a little for some height, I don't have bangs but I do this sometimes with just the front part of my hair.