Trying to leave LV with a BANG! Help!


Which last LV bag for Sophia?

  1. Silver Miroir Speedy 30

  2. Monogram Stephen

  3. Other-suggestions

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  1. Hey you guys!

    Trying to make a final decision. I have been working and selling stuff around the house and have made some money.

    I had planned on using this money for Chanel, but I need one LE/Seasonal/Just Plain HOT bag to leave LV with, for now. Ill come back to LV, but I need a break. Good news, I get more HOT LV before I leave.

    I want a bag that will have long lasting power, meaning that the price of the bag will grow with time.

    I have some choices:

    Silver Miroir Speedy 30

    Monogram Stephen
  2. Thanks for everyones help!
  3. speedy !
  4. Lasting power--if you plan on using the miroir Speedy, it definitely won't last long!

    I'd say go for the Stephen! Better yet, the embossed Stephen...
  5. Aw Karman!

    You know me, I need vachetta on handbags! Haha, the Monogram Stephen seems purfect!
  6. I agree, you'll get the most use out of the Stephen. The miroir line is an "occasional use" line. And the Stephen is also gorgeous.
  7. STEPHEN... I love that bag and it is so modern and versatile!!!
  8. Thanks you guys!
  9. aww Sophia, you're temporarily leaving us? :sad: i say go for the stephen!! that is definitely leaving on a BANG! :smile:
  10. im not a fan or miroir line, and stephen is my :heart: bag, go for it
  11. Another vote for the stephen:tup:
  12. I've noticed that you like vachetta and patina. The Stephen is a GREAT choice for you! :yes:
  13. Get the Stephen!!
  14. Which Stephen?
  15. I think the Miroir Speedy is attractive, but not really practical. I like the Stephen a lot, but the leopard detail rubs off eventually and looks pretty unsightly. Maybe something else all together if you are looking for longevity.

    If I think of anything amazing, I'll let you know. =)