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Vegas Long Legs

Nov 13, 2006
Email www.replacements.com & see if they can ID it. They carry about everything, even discounted stuff. (Sold them many a pattern I've tired of.) They have a pattern ID service. Look under info.

They might even have it in stock.

I'm gonna make a guess- Rosenthal. It looks similar to another pattern they have.


Apr 18, 2007
Replacements.com is defintely a great suggestion. They have virtually everything or photos of everything. I have bought and sold through them in the past.

I can tell you that the sterling silver pattern is Kirk-Stieff Repousse (if it is sterling, they may have also made a stainless version at one time). Kirk-Steiff was owned by Lenox up until 2007 and is now owned by Lifetime Brands (who bought up a bunch of the sterling flatware manufacturers.) If that pic is pre-2007, it could be a Lenox pattern though I don't recognize it.