Trying to ID a Bag

  1. [​IMG]

    I know it's not called Frame Bag and I've never seen it in a store. I also couldn't find it in the catalog. I figured I'd ask the local BV experts for some advice. :smile: I'd think it was a part of the 06 season though I can't say for sure.
  2. No ideas?
  3. Not a clue! Where did you find this picture?
  4. ^ Ditto.
  5. I just started a web store and I'm trying to make sure everything is properly labeled; I hate when we go to Neiman Marcus and they don't know the difference between Scala and Carmina or Poudre and Parma, for instance. ;) the department store that we get some of our goods from (including this bag) did not know either so I figured I'd ask our tPF buds for help.
  6. You`re starting a web store? That is so cool! Tell us more, please!
  7. The frame bag is very pretty though I don't know anything about it. :s I'd love to hear about your new website though. :okay:
  8. The store is Blissful Couture @ We just opened, and honestly, I need the feedback of our target customers, internet-savvy purse-fiends, i.e. you guys! :graucho: It all actually started in an effort to get dervilfal some cheap stuff, and in doing so, we established a relationship with a store (and now 2) to sell off their off-season shoe/handbag stock. We're more than competitive with some of the more popular online luxury discounters, mostly due to our size and lack of staff. :p We've had a couple sales and are trying to ramp up advertising, failing in some cases and succeeding in others. Hopefully, it works out. :wtf:

    The Frame Bag was a part of our last shipment, and I've discovered a lot of the retailers don't really care what proper names are for items. I'd like to avoid that as much as possible - makes it a lot easier to find for those who know exactly what they're looking for. This one, however, will just have to remain a mystery it seems.
  9. kronik, I just checked the link and have to say I honestly love it! And you even offer the option to show the amount in Euro and use the site in German! It`s awesome!

    The only thing I miss is an "About Us" feature. I always think that makes the site more trustful to ppl who don`t know you and dervilfal are behind it!
  10. Great website and one more place to shop. Your prices are quite reasonable. Good luck with everything and I hope to see more merchandise even though my wallet will cry. :tup: