Trying to get my partner a REAL LV

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  1. Hi there everyone, im new here and VERY new to this whole handbag shopping. i am wanting to get my partner a LV bag for our aniversary, one of my friends has offered me one of her LV bags. How can i tell if it is a realy LV bag. it is a smallish bag, white, with Louis Vuitton written on the sides in black. is there some way i can tell if it is a real bag ?? hope to hear from someone soon. thanks everyone
  2. that sadly is a terrible fake. since you aren't sure how to authenticate yet, i would stick with eluxury or your nearest boutique or you might just end up getting scammed. GL!

  3. O_____O;

    I'm sorry to say.. but that is a very very bad fake.. >< Check out or for any references!
  4. Sad...totally a bad fake. Keep looking! You'll find one!
  5. thanks everyone, i thought the outside looked nothing like an authentic LV but the inside is lined with LV fabric and the zip says LV, made in france. it also has a leather patch with Louis Vuitton, made in france. stitched to the inside of the bag. so the inside ooks real, the outside doesnt.
  6. it is fake. sorry, it is.
  7. Try too, he sometimes has some good finds. Best of luck!
  8. Hi, i am new so i was wondering is everything on let-trade authentic or is it just like eBay, fake and authentic? Thanks.
  9. Let trade is real, all real.
  10. hmm.. hard to determine a bag is fake or not.. :sad:
  11. its all authentic! I am so happy to have found let-trade!, any other places besides eBay and let-trade to find authentic LV bags? is this the right place to ask? Thanks...
  12. It depends. If you have owned authentic LV, taken the time to visit your boutique to take a closer look at items, and done the right research over the years, then it is not hard.

    Even those so called "mirror replicas" :throwup: don't fool me.
  13. If you find another bag, post it in the authenticity thread...everyone is very helpful on here!
  14. james,
    the ony way to GUARANTEE you buy your partner an AUTHENTIC Vuitton is to buy it at the LV store or High-end dept stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks also carry REAL LV bags.
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