Trying to get a good vday gift! (COACH EARRINGS HELP)

  1. Hey I'm new to the board, my girl friends favorite brand is coach and im looking to get her something nice :shame:

    I'm considering ether; The small gold hoops or small silver and pink hoops or; large gold hoops or large gold and pink hoops.

    Anyway I live in NYC and the problem is they only have like one of each color left in each store practically, so before I go all over the city this weekend I was wondering if anyone who owns these could post some pictures. Even if there not these colors it would help, id really appreciate it!!

    Also to the women that own them my gf is picky with earrings, her ears get irritated from cheap earrings they don't say a karat ammount they just say "palladium or gold plated" are they good quality or do they irritate your ears?
    also how heavy are they?

    thanks so much!! happy valentines day!!
  2. aw, aren't you just the sweet one!

    do you know which she wears more of, gold or silver?

    and my ears get irritated easily too, which is why i never tried the coach ones. BUT, i'm not sure if these ones would bother me. i'm allergic to nickel- so maybe it depends what she is allergic to?
  3. hehe thanks :shame:
    well, shes not really allergic her ears just hurt her if she wears cheap earrings and then she has to wear gold ones to help.
    I mean since there $98 and $128 i don't think there cheap like claires stuff but idk.

    Also i've searched the forum and seen the few pics already up, theres only like 2 if anyone has any i'd really appreciate it!
  4. oh, they're definately not super cheap stuff...but if she's not majorly sensitive, there should be no problem!

    i don't own a pair (contemplating them this weekend). but i think a few members have mentioned the smaller ones are a bit nicer (and probably lighter, too).

    if you want a girls opinion, i would go with the silver/pink. :yes:
  5. I can't beleive I am actually going to say this, but I don't care for these in pink (jeez, I like anything in pink). Anyways, the gold ones just look more expensive to me. If I saw the pink one I would just assumed they were fake. As far as size goes, I would prefer the small ones, they look about the right size to just cuff around the ear lobe. Those would be something she could wear everyday and not have to fool with taking on and off all the time. Just my opinion. Good luck
  6. aww...aren't you a sweet guy! My hubby's phone number is...203-

    (yeah right, who am I kidding...we never "do" Valentine's day.)

    Anywho...I have to agree with redice...I like the small, gold ones the best. However, if she wears more silver, the silver/navy ones are very classy looking too.

    I'm sure, if she has an allergic reaction to them...she could return them. (and heck - store credit is a great thing to have at Coach!)
  7. what about the possibility of getting her the hoops in all gold, and getting her a bracelet with some color? that way the earrings are very classy (and can be worn with anything) and she can have the bracelet for some fun and color?
  8. AWWW!!! you are too sweet. I would like sneak and look at her jewerly to see what she has more of and the size. Then choose from there. But I have sensitive ears too and i havent tried the Coach 1s either but im sure they'll be safe for her to wear.
  9. yeah im really leaning toward the small gold hoops but i'd love to see pictures before i go searching!