Trying to fit in with the in-laws!

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  1. HELP! :hysteric:

    My dh wants to get me a LV for Christmas. :smile:

    My mother in law and sisters in law are all LV experts. I don't know what they 'think' I should pick.:confused1: I do want a shoulder bag ( i have 2 children and need to tote lots of 'stuff')

    Should I get the MONO Piano?, Batignolles H ? V? or the Petite Bucket. :nuts:
    I like the idea of a zipper, but with 2 kids may need to dig into my purse quickly.

    I need to pick out my Christmas gift soon, but too scared to make the 'wrong decision' and be rediculed by the in laws for chosing the wrong bag!

    I think this is a test from the LV club!:wtf:

    from a newbie who is scared to make a 'bad' decision
    (oh i am 5'6" 130 if it matters!:s)
  2. batignolles horizontal, for sure!!! it's a larger louis vuitton handbag - perfect for classy moms who need quick access to lots of stuff. my bh is used for toting the laptop around campus.
  3. Bh :smile:
  4. Thanks for the quick response.... i'm not sure why i'm so stressed about a GREAT Gift!!!
  5. please do not choose your bag based upon what someone else will think! you should get the one you like the most! have you looked at the Mezzo? or the new Tivoli GM?
  6. I'm worried the MEZZO is too large... scared it will look like..."Here I am with my new Christmas present!"
  7. how about the trevi? you can carry on shoulder or by hand and you can wear it zipped up or not. trevi is very chic
  8. I think cabas mezzo is great especially if you need to carry a lot of stuff.

    BH is great too, but it is open top. Not sure if that is an issue for you but for me in a rainy climate I love it but it's limiting sometimes for that reason. Still, it's a super classy shape and highly recommended!
  9. Check the Tivoli GM out. It's a fresh new look with a zipper!
  10. BH is a good all around tote if you have kids, I would go with that, it's very worry free.
  11. I prefer the BV over the BH. But the Trevi is a fabulous choice as well. Do you have access to a boutique? Then you could go play with all the bags and make the best decision of which would be the right one for you! Good luck and be sure to let us know what you decide!
  12. What about the Neverful MM?
  13. BH or Trevi PM are my suggestions, but please choose something that YOU want/like :yes:
  14. what about the popincourt haut or the lockit horizontal?
  15. Umm... I don't think you can make a wrong decision when it comes to LV!! :smile:

    Would they really ridicule you over your tastes?! If so, I'm sorry about your situation.

    Pick the bag that YOU like the most