Trying to find the perfect RM to suit all my needs!?

  1. Hiya RM gals, it's been a loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnng time since I had a RM bag (she only had the Morning After bags then!) and I love seeing how her collection has grown! That's the best and the worst's grown so much I'm completely overwhelmed. I would be so thankful and honoured if you RM experts could help guide me to my perfect bag. I only have a few requirements but I was just so confused on her website that I couldn't figure out if I would be able to find the bag on my own (hence why I am here!)

    Here are the vital stats for my handbag:
    -Cross body (I like bags to sit at my hip and I'm around 5'2? I have problems with my back and shoulders so the ability to have a cross body bag I can swap shoulders when I start to have problems is essential)
    -Needs to fit an iPad, kindle, 7.5 (l) x 4.5 (w) wallet, iPhone, keys and about a half dozen lipsticks (a girl needs options! :p)
    -I like for my bags to be semi-structured but lay mostly flat against me if possible, I don't mind if they stick out some but not bounce around if that makes any sense??)

    I kind of want to say "wow I LOVE neon pink for summer" but I have to admit I'm not so sure I would love it forever and I'm someone who likes to carry bags for a couple years before buying a new one.

    Am I asking the impossible!? I had a MA bag and it was just TOO heavy and clunky and wasn't properly cross body. I sold it with the heaviest of hearts many years ago and now that her line has expanded in so many great ways I'm hoping finally there's a "Sara" bag and she and I can get along perfectly because her Morning After/MAMini bags and I were just not meant to be!!! I just got so confused on her site between "Rebecca Minkoff Collection" and other bags and aren't they all her bags and wow SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! Please help Minkettes!

  2. Hi Sara,
    Sounds like you're describing a Cupid :smile: I own several MAMs/MABs and I'm on the hunt for the perfect Cupid. Sharing with you a link to check out: The Cupid Bag

    Good luck on the hunt!
  3. I don't know that the top handles are for me....I really want a just cross body bad like the clutches that are cross body but the size and near flat-ness of a normal bag! I wish the clutches were bigger :sad:
  4. Maybe the Large Affair?

    I have regular sized Affair and it fits a whole lot but probably for your needs you will like the large one better.

    It has got multiple carrying options - shoulder or crossbody and you can also tuck in the chains to make it look like a clutch :smile:

  5. i agree with traveler!! when i was reading this, i immediately thought CUPID!! but since you're not into the double handled bags, that significantly cuts down on your options, although the handles on cupid are REMOVABLE :graucho::graucho: (if u notice in pic 5, you can see the handles can just pop on and off via the clasps) and did i mention how soft and smooshy this bag is?? it also hugs the body and falls so nicely; the shoulder strap length is also convertible so can easily adjust to the length u want :smile:..... or else you could try a full size BELOVED since it's a true messenger-style bag (can't remove the shoulder strap) but that style is now discontinued so you'd have to scour bonz/bay.

    here are some pics of cupid on me :biggrin: - i can't say enough about this style! i walked to dinner w/ my DH yesterday and cupid was sooo convenient!! HTH!!
    IMG_2444.jpg IMG_2440.jpg IMG_0016.jpg IMG_0017.jpg IMG_0001.jpg
  6. I'd say casanova or mini beloved. Both are about the same size and seem to fit the bill of what you are looking for.
  7. I agree the Cupid sounds about your speed- and look how pretty our Cee looks with hers! :p
  8. Welcome back to RM!! Since you want something that lays pretty flat I think the Large Affair would be a great bag. It's classy and very versatile because you can double the straps or have it one long single strap that is perfect for crossbody. Check out some pics in this thread!

    The boyfriend is also a great crossbody bag, although it's probably too small for your main everyday bag.
  9. you're a doll AJ!! :hugs: too sweet!
  10. Removable straps?! That's a whole different story!!! I do really like the affair bag but it isn't available in large?
  11. there's 2 sizes... regular and large. but i noticed you said you're 5'2" - i'm 5'1" and the large affair hits well below my hips if i converted it to the single strap and wear it cross-body. u can see in my pics the strap drop on the large one is longer than the regular affair when doubled up - check out the thread i did recently comparing the regular and large affair:
  12. I have one more question before I try to decide.....the swing bag? Is it awesome, is it boring? I think it might be too structured (I like a good smoosh). I'm leaning towards the Cupid with silver hardware. You ladies have been so helpful! I will definitely put the affair on my next to buy list. It's way more affordable than the £800 bag I was looking at and a different shape (in a good way, looking to switch things up so I don't keep buying the same bag over and over).

    Now to save up! Hopefully in just a few weeks it will be mine and then to wait for it to arrive in my eager hands in London!

    I cannot thank you all enough, it's the removable handles that sold me because I really like crossbody bags that are just crossbody!