Trying to find the name of a bag!

  1. I saw a bag at Bloomingdale's back in December. It was black caviar, gold chain hardware and quilted with CC on the front. It zipped all the way shut and was kind of a wide fat bag. It was maybe 10" long. I know, bad description, but i am trying to find out the name of it so I can hunt it down. at the time it was $1450. Any help would be great!
  2. Was it a boxy shape bag, along with being wide and fat?
  3. LOL yes!
  4. Hmm.. sounds like a tote. I was thinking the Grande Shopping Tote, but last year it retailed for 1,650.00 and up depending on the color. The Petite Shopping Tote I believe is less than 1,450.00.

    I would try looking in the Chanel Reference Guide, and checking out the different totes, hopefully one of us owns the bag your looking for.
  5. Ok I found a pic of the bag I am talking about in another thread. Someone said it was the Classic Box Tote, is that right? [​IMG]
  6. Looks like my Grande Shopping Tote. However, this one looks a tad smaller and thinking its the Petite Shoppint Tote.
  7. Thanks for your pic, and help, I know it is not the GST or the PST. I guess I will just try and ask for the Classic Box Tote since that is what someone said it was in the thread I found the pic in.
  8. Hi, I love this bag! It is Timeless CC medium shopping bag/square tote. The
    style number is...A180004 $1475. I tried this on at Saks and LOVED it! I am
    waiting for them to get in the GST to compare. My only complaint on this bag
    would be the fact that you can't put in on your shoulder and is meant to be a
    hand held. I like hand held so this would be fine for me! The girl at Saks said
    that this is a bag that they will always carry and should be available. I think
    it comes in black and white with gold hardware only. Hope this helps!
  9. THANK YOU so much!! That makes finding it so much easier!!!!