Trying to find real Gucci for girlfriend's bday, please help!

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  1. Hey all,

    I have surfed and surfed the net and read all the authentic guaranty places selling the gucci purses. Luckily I came across your website and saw the list of fake places that i was planning on buying from. Thank you for that.

    My girlfriend wants a larger Gucci purse (12.5-14.5 or larger), I went to Neimans and do not want to spend $900-1200. Is there anyplace that someone can direct me to, or point out any live ebay auctions/stores that sell real gucci bags. I would really appreciate the help.

    Thanks again.

  2. i think bluefly has some gucci bags on sale..
  3. Check bluefly....
  4. Yeah bluefly, and then use the coupon codes too :biggrin:
  5. Check net a porter, and also I think in the marketplace section of this forum, someone is selling their gucci in beige monogram. A pretty good size too and going for I think 500, not sure. But check it out. Your gf is a lucky lady.
  6. How nice of you, she's a lucky girl :biggrin: Ditto to what everyone says about Bluefly. They can have good deals sometimes, just check the site often :biggrin:
  7. Hey all thank you for the replies and help,

    I could not find the coupon codes for bluefly and the only 2 black ones were $900 & $1200. I am thinking of going with efashiohouse. The lady Anna seemed to be nice and genuine. Anyone know for sure about the bags from efashionhouse? As for my gf being a lucky lady, I think I might actually be the lucky one in the relationship. Hope everyone is having a good day.

  8. Try this one, it was posted in my bluefly thread :biggrin:

  9. Try

    they have a great selection of online shopping and there are a selection of large bags you can choose from that are under $900.00, especially in the Classics area.

    Your girlfriend is a lucky girl!
  10. if you're still looking see my thread in WTS - I'm giving up my $850 authentic Gucci that's brand new basically for around $600.
  11. I wouldn't buy from any site other than one that came highly recommended, i.e., (not the auctions),, etc. Gucci is highly faked. The only way you'll get a discount is on a purse from last season, or at a Gucci sale. I think its super sweet that you want to get your girlfriend what she wants, but I'd hate to see you end up with a fake. I don't know anything about efashionhouse in particular though. The purses do look like they might be from a few seasons ago.
  12. has some great gucci bags and they are authentic.
  13. Did you get one? Keep us posted. I wish my DH would do the same - how sweet of you!
  14. Hi Nathan & Everyone! Thanks for trusting for the Gucci bag purchase! And, thanks for the follow up emails. Hope you come back every year for her birthday gifts!