Trying to find PT in Black? help

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  1. I have been trying to locate a PT in black with RH and am having no luck. I just missed the one at Bob Ellis by 1 day. BalNY doesnt have any. Has anyone seen one? Please help.. :crybaby:
  2. Finally.. I called Aloha Rag and they have it for $1295. Free ship and tax, does that sound right?
  3. I thought there was one Monday at NM in Paramus NJ 201-291-1920 ask for Jennifer

  4. OMG /jennifer is my SA!! :heart: yes she is the best there

  5. Hey, does that mean we may run into each other:yes: What bag should I be looking for? Will be there on Fri. to pick up my Grenat bowling that I presaled.

  6. :smile:its possible if im there ill prob be wearing my anthra twiggy .....and talking to jennifer:tup:
  7. Newport, Diabro have Black PTs in stock for less than US retail, so they might be a good option for you. They typically charge about US$20 for shipping, which takes about 3 business days to the US mainland to arrive. FYI, I believe that the PTs they have for less than retail are from their 06 stock, but I've not been disappointed with Diabro in the stock that they've sent me, thus far.

    Good luck!
  8. I may be wrong but I might have seen one at a place called Bob Ellis Shoes with 25% off. The SA called Bill sent me a link to their private site and I saw a PT in black. You can try calling him at 843-722-2515. Ask for Bill and ask for the PT in black... they are having a sale right now. I just ordered some bags and a pair of Louboutins. Good Luck!
  9. There is a black PT at NM South Parkmall charlotte NC. I got the truffle yesterday. Better hurry. I might get the black too.:wtf: