Trying to find online retailer that sold authentic LV?

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  1. Hii,

    I usually post on the Chanel board, but was curious about a website I used to see online that sold past season, apparently authentic LV and other designer goods.

    They seemed to be based in either Hong Kong or somewhere in Asia and had a bit of the limited edition/seasonal LV pieces with the graffiti designs, mushrooms, murakami, etc...

    Does anyone have any idea what I am talking about? I cant seem to remember the sites name or store name for the life of me and have been trying to find it but cant seem to locate it via google search, etc.

    They did ship to the US and overseas too I think, so it seemed like a fairly well established store.


  2. Perhaps you're talking about Let-Trade?
  3. ^^hmm maybe--i had heard of let-trade on TPF, but the name didnt seem to ring a bell...and the website used to be different too from what i remember...but i last really checked this website about 2 years ago or so...

    i remember i used to look at the mystery site from asia when i was in college.

    but i have heard solid good things about let-trade right?
  4. err... u mean thehuangfamily (sp?) at eBay that seller always selling ridicilous price on LE stuff
  5. thers rakuten (sp?) but i dont think they ship internationally.
    or karen kooper but who knows where they ae based.
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