Trying to find LSS print "Ink" as in tattoos?

  1. My Co-worker mentioned hearing about a new print that looked like old-school tattoo artwork. Anybody heard of it,seen it? I thought she said it was LSS but I don't see it on their website...:confused1:
  2. its not on their website anymore...i was looking also because i bought two bags in that print and then returned it because i couldnt afford it.
    BUT then i went to the lesportsac store in ala moana and they still had it, at 30% off, so i bought the large weekender bag and the reversible tote bag
    i absolutely love it!!!
  3. That is a cute print! I have a 3 zip cosmetic in that print. I wish I would have gotten a bag in that print.
  4. they have a few for sale on eBay. you can check out the pics.

  5. Thanks, I did and broke down and bought it in "Molly". Watch now I'll find it at TJ'Mx or something!:push:
  6. Yeah, it's nice to find what you want. Molly is great bag! Too bad is discontinued!
  7. I think Metropark still has them.
  8. I like this print. I bought a couple of INK cosmetic bags at Macy's recently. They weren't on sale, but the cosmetic bags were the only things in that print left. It is a recently discontinued print, so I bet they will be showing up in the discount stores soon. I am hoping to find a laptop sleeve, but I might have to find that on eBay.
  9. you bought it from Mia store? Actually I tot of bid on it but too bad they didn't ship to Malaysia.

    Agree with d1000 that Molly is a great bag. I got a Molly in sweetie pie with me now....