trying to find JC with embroidered stars

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  1. I am searching for a jc bag that has embroidered stars on it. I m not sure of the style,(possibly Ramona/rikki) I first saw it in august in JC store Rome. This particlaur bag was white with large embroidered stars. I have been searching for it ever since.!!! I cant even find a picture of it!! anyone know of this bag?? any info would be great. Would love a picture to see if it is the one i am after and where i could possible buy 1.
  2. LOL I was gonna do just that. I saw that one too.
  3. And Luxe Purses does layways..
  4. I LOVE BOTH OF YOU!!!! I wasnt sure about this forum thing as it's the first time i have ever been on one, I was getting desperate though so i took a chance!! Lucky i did.

    was hoping for a white one... if anyone finds one let me know.

    Now, to see if i can purchase and get it sent to me in Australia.....
  5. maristar - Welcome to the Purse Forum and to the Jimmy Choo subforum! You'll find it a great place to visit and share in the handbag obsession. I don't think we have any regular Choo forum members who are from Australia. It will be interesting to get your perspective on Jimmy Choo bags. Do you see many people carrying Choo?
  6. Hi Jburgh,

    Not alot of choo here as we dont have many places to buy them... there is only 1 JC store in Australia that i know of... In a different state to where i live of course! We can only buy JC at 1 department store but in saying that, there is only a very small range, it's very depressing! I checked out the store 3 days ago and they only had 4 styles to choose from! The particular Ramona bag i was after didnt even get realeased here in Aus.

    I do have to admit though, that most of us here probably only know who Choo is due to Sex and the city!! (my other addiction)

    Me, I fell in Love with Choo while holidaying in Rome, unfortunatly at the time i didnt buy my dream bag and have regretted it ever since! My husband cannot justify $2,400.00 AUD for a Jimmy choo!!! what would he know anyway!!