Trying to Find History on this Bag

  1. I recently purchased a vintage Prada bag from an Antique shop--one of the co-owners had her older bags for sale to make room for all her new ones. My concern isn't its authenticity really seeing as another girl bought one of the old Louis Vuitton bags and brought it back saying her friends were making fun of her; that the bag was a clear fake. The woman ASSURED her that was impossible and if she doubted still, to take it right to Louis Vuitton--she did and then came back apologizing saying that they told her it WAS the genuine article.

    The pink Prada bag I have is older; it even has that aged musty smell. It was my birthday and I'd always wanted a vintage designer bag. I haven't gone back in to ask the woman about the year it was made, but I wanted to ask you guys if you know anything about this particular bag and what decade it might be from. The bag is heavy and it's broken in quite well. I took it to Prada and they said while it's hard to authenticate anything for certain, my piece looks and feels like the genuine article. However, no one there seemed to know what year it was made--fake or no it had to be done a particular year. Can anyone help me out with that or point me in the right direction. They have catalogs for Louis and Chanel but I've been searching high and low for archived Prada lines and all I find are fake knock-off selling websites. :smile:

    I appreciate any feedback, positive or negative alike. :smile:





    It isn't in perfect condition but the hardware polished up nicely and even on the rare chance it's the woman's only fake, I'm only out 390 dollars. :smile: Still, I'd like to hear mass opinions about it.
  2. Anything? I tried going on their website but it just seems to be a picture. :sad:
  3. need more pics
  4. More than three? What other angles are necessary?
  5. ^ Jill - aren't you supposed to be in Aruba?

    About the pink bag - I think it is a fake. I've never seen anything like that and the hardware on the straps does not look right. Sorry. Maybe I am wrong.
  6. ^LOL..Im in hotel on a laptop in Aruba...heehee......Id want to see all angles of the bag before I say
  7. I'm not sure how you define vintage but it's not old. Those are recent style linings and locks. But not sure if it's authentic. Good luck.
  8. Vintage when not referring to wine which is its main usage, is used for older items not in production. Therefore, a Prada bag from 2-100 years ago could be vintage. I did some more research. Mine has the IPI zippers and the hardware and construction matches some other doctor bags or that time period. I'm going to talk to the owner of the bag on Sunday and ask her for sure, but like I'd said before, another girl's friends had made fun of her saying her Louis was a fake and it was indeed the genuine article. I'm finding it hard for people on here to really TRULY know what they're talking about without having some form of reference. Yes, having a collection is one thing, but it isn't the only thing. If it's a fake, the people who produced it couldn't have made that big a profit on it; the materials just aren't have assed. My camera isn't the greatest either so the engravings didn't come out great. I just wanted to know where you guys get your information on past seasons; if they have a catalog or a history of Prada's bags somewhere. Thanks for all the replies though. :smile:
  9. My camera can't zoom in but on the strap buckles, the left one has Prada written on the left side of the ring and the right one has Prada engraved on the right side of the ring. On the strap that has the key, the tiny buckle has Prada engraved on it. All engraved Prada's look exactly the same and match the Prada on my 2007 sunglasses (I have the wide tortoise shell looking ones with the classic Prada insignia on it like that on their dustbags on the sides) If I called up Prada, how would I go about getting a catalog of their past bags?! It interests me and I'd love to see how they evolved and where my bag fits in and when it was made. Even it it WAS a fake, it'd have to be for a specific year's model right? It's real though, I'd bet my life on it.
  10. I have a red leather prada doctor bag - the handles are stiff, not soft and floppy. Depending on where you live, your best bet is to just take your bag to a prada boutique and have them look at it. Hardware is easily counterfeited - that's why its so hard to stop the fakers.
  11. I just stopped in to talk to the woman who I bought the purse from; she sells vintage pieces she either has bought herself or from clients all whom are extremely rich families. The Prada location I went to said that they themselves couldn't even be certain but that it was definately an older piece. The woman that sold it to me said that she used the piece for at least 2-3 years or so and the woman SHE got it from came from a multi-million dollar family and said she'd had it for a long time. The woman I bought it from ALSO stated that for the wealthier, regular clients that come in to Chanel, Prada, and other designer brands, they need to see new pieces a lot faster and so some pieces will only be brought out if asked specifically about or get shifted around from location to location. In other words, you can't ALL get exactly the same bags from each and every Prada store. Some bags they make less of and shift them around to please their richer, more demanding crowd who needs to see newer pieces, quicker. What I want to know is if Prada has a catalog or do I have to go to Milan and get this piece authenticated. It's not a fake--trust me; I can feel a fake when I feel one. This one is also too old to be counterfeited as well as today's ones do. It is minimally 15 years old. Minimally. I'll try and put up more pictures in the mean time.

    I really do appreciate your feedback, don't take it to mean I'm being defensive, but when the store can't say for certain if it's real or what vintage it is, do I need to go to a mainland store? I live in Hawaii so I don't know if that changes things at all. I just want to know what vintage it is and what it was called and how popular it was--though I can tell already that it isn't a common bag.
  12. Perhaps you can try contact Prada Headoffice in Italy?? (email photos)

    They may know the history of pieces better than the SAs at the stores.
  13. this isnt a very old bag, the styling is from prada bags during the F/W 2003 and S/S 2004 lines, i think it may have been a cruise collection bag during these two seasons, hope this helps
  14. if it is genuine, the lock and name tag hanging in the middle suggest a period around 2001-2004.
  15. If it's a new enough line to be in the 2000's, then it would have to be 2001 at the latest. Is there a possibility the 2000 and later line was produced before; sometimes an older style is revived? At any rate, I'm done giving myself a headache about it. I'll go into the Waikiki store and check the 2000 year and after line for a cruise line. I'm just one of those people that when they get something they need to know, it's hard to drop. Sigh. Maybe I should just take it for being a beautiful bag and enjoy it without thinking so much haha! Thank you all so so much for your help on this!