Trying to find a work w/ rh!!!

  1. I have been calling everywhere.... The only colors I can locate are neutrals or red or green. Has anyone seen grape, aquamarine, or anything fun like that out there? Balny has marigold, but that color looks nasty w/ my blonde hair. Help!
  2. Shasta, we should hook up. I'm also looking for a Work in regular hardware. My SA is Lee in NM at the Short Hills Mall in NJ. I spoke with him a while ago. He mentioned he has violet in the Work and a few other colors, like Jaune. I'm looking for anthracite or plomb myself. I only asked for the dark colors but he definitely has violet and other fun colors. Let me know if you want his info or if you call the store directly, ask for Lee and mention you are one of the purse girls and my friend. He will hook you up.

    In the meantime, please let me know if you come across anthracite or plomb.

    I can send you his cell # if you need it.
  3. YOu're the best JudieH! I will call tomorrow as they are already closed. Violet would be gorgeous. I would love to find a work in aqua or turquiose also.
  4. Shasta...Style drops has the violet work with rgh....but they are sooo
    expensive, have you tried AR??
  5. Shasta, I just sent you an email with Lee's info. I received the info you sent me as well. Thanks so much!

    Let's celebrate with our new bags soon!