trying to find a NUVOLA TRANSPORTO!!!

  1. Hi there ladies!
    My lil sa over at a local comic book shop told me the transportation print would not be coming out in hte nuvola or braccialetto, both of which i want. can anyone verify or deny this? and have you seen them for yourself? if so, where!

  2. I've seen the nuvola in person at Macy's.
  3. I'm pretty sur ethe Braccialetto was discontinued a few prints back, but I have definitely seen a Nuvola in trasporto and I have one in Tutti, so I know they aren't discontinued. I love this shape!
  4. I have a nuvola trasporto so yupp they do exist.. I'm not sure which stores still have them tho... they pop up on eBay tho every few weeks from one of the sellers :smile: or you could always try macys and doing a product search. If you need the sku/upc # just ask

  5. I have one too. I got it on eBay.