trying to find a CL..

  1. Hi ladies,

    I flew out of town recently, a girl on my plane was wearing a cute but simple pair of Louboutins. They were black leather, showed a good amount of toe cleavage and had pointed toes. They had a small cork or wooden wedged heel..I'd say an inch at most? No red sole. Anyone know what style I'm talking about?

    TIA :smile:
  2. ^ all CLs have a red sole, even the flats. Must not have been CL.
  3. ^^ditto:yes:
  4. red sole, no CL
    Probably a knock-off CL though.
  5. Yeah the no red sole thing was kinda weird but I figured since they were cork or something they didn't come with one? But she took her shoes off and the inside sole was the same tan color and had the "Christian Louboutin Paris" inscription. Hm. Weird. I didn't know they were faking CL's like that.
  6. LOL i doubt it's CL... probably some other brand? steve madden, oh deer and jessica simpson's shoes tend to look a lot like CL's... :s
  7. Ok, JC,with that said...did it look like the red had worn off? Or there wasn't any red to begin with? Was there any red on the inside of the heel? And yes believe it or not there are CL fakes..sad:crybaby: