trying to find a chloe elvire hobo, any sightings?

  1. HI,]
    I've been trying to locate the Elvire hobo, in either moka brown or black...I called around to Nordstroms, Saks, NM, without any luck. One kind tpf gal told me she saw it in NM on Friday night (Paramus, NJ) but when I called today, the bag was gone.
    Does anyone have an idea for how to get one? If anyone bought it, but is thinking about returning it, I'll gladly buy it from you...
    I live in a rural area, so I have to search for this bag through the internet mostly....
    any help would be so very appreciated!
  2. Try net-a-porter! They are having a sale now!
  3. Thanks, but N-P has the large beautiful, but it weighs 4 pounds while empty(!?) I love that taupe color with the accent trim, though, the shoulder hobo in that color combo would be my dream bag.
    I'd be thrilled to find the hobo in brown or black at a good sale price. Bluefly seems to have the hobo for $1,100 or so...still too high for me----they don't do real sale prices, I guess.