Trying to find a bag I saw at Dillards

  1. Hopefully all of you experts can help me! I saw a large Carly bag at Dillards last week with a different fabric than I've ever seen. It was a REALLY large logo, made from a linen-type material. I thought I would be able to come home and research it, but it's not on their website or in their catalog. It looked to me like the material from the model's dress for the perfume. Anyway, I want to know about this bag. Can anyone please help me. I'm new to this. :confused1:
  2. Did it look like this? This is a Canvas Carly:

  3. OR like this?

  4. As you can see you definetly came to the right place. This forum is awesome for those kind of questions.
  5. I also saw something different at Dillards. They had the black ergo wallets, but the signature stripe was black on black instead of black on grey or white. I liked the Dillards model a lot better. May have to have one for my black ergo tote...
  6. OMG Ashley, your Carly collection is absolutely TDF!!!!

    :drool: :drool: :drool:

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I love how everything just matches perfectly!!
  7. Yep...that's it! So, what is it called and where can I get it? :p :confused1:
  8. The one with the large brown C's is called the Chocolate Carly. It's chocolate and beige.
    The blue one is called the denim Carly.

    I'm oogling over them as well!
  9. Does anyone know when they will be available to order on the coach website?:confused1:
  10. I think I heard May but it could be June. They are in the new catalog that is coming out and also available by phone.