Trying to do a poll; need opinions...

Jan 3, 2006
If you could have either bag, what would you choose (consider look, cost, resell value, etc.)

1. Cherry Blossom Papillion Pink


2. Murakami Cherry Cerise Speedy 25

Which bag do you think will stand the test of time?
i'd go with cherry blossoms.......smiling flowers seem more classic than smiling fruit :suspiciou and with the bow and the little accents i think it'll still be chic years and years down the line.......
The Cerises Speedy for usage. I like it better b/c it's not to overwhelming w/add'l accents (ie, bows) which I would personally get sick of after a year or two. For collector's item, I think the Papillon is a bit more interesting though.