Trying to decide...

  1. Is anyone else on the fence about child #2? I have a five and a half yr old boy, and we thought we would have an only child. Just recently I've changed my mind, and hubby is willing to talk about it. I think about it all the time now, and waiting for dh to make up his mind. Anyone else in the same boat? Anyone successful in convincing dh to have another?

    Best wishes
  2. Right there with you in ways I cannot explain! My son turned 5 in April (and although we plan on having another but not for another year) I want a new baby tomorrow!! Good luck!!
  3. My baby girl is 14 months old and I'm in the same boat as you. I don't know if I should wait or try for a baby soon. Such a tough situation...:confused1:
  4. Thanks for letting me know we are in the same boat here! I just worry about adding another, as our family of three is perfect, my son is able to take care of himself now, so I am not constantly needed, which, on the flip side, is probably helpful when I have another. Then I am still only constantly needed by one rather than two. OOOOOOH but diapers, gosh I feel like we just got done with those (though it was three years ago) can I go through diapers and potty training again???
  5. Geez, my youngest is 3 mos......DH recently told me he wants another one......Im like...!!!!!!!!! what?
    I thought I was finished!!!! This is new for him, it's his first child, my 2nd, but Im not sure what to think now...
  6. we always agreed prior to getting married that we would have 2. now we have 1 and suddenly hubby is all: oh no, i don't want another. for me this is a very big deal, although I should say that hubby hasn't lived with us since the birht and we are only moving there next week, after over 1 year. so he has to get used to living with a child, and to his child of course. I am lucky bec his whole family is on my side when it comes to this, plus mine, so i guess he will give up in a few years but I will fight for this for sure.
  7. ^^^lara, any ideas on how you will convince hubby? I see mine starting to come around, but could use some ideas on how to get to the agreement stage.
  8. Same here. My daughter is 6 and heading into the first grade this year. She is already so independant and helpful to me. I know she would be great with a baby bro or sis. Hubby and I would both love another baby. But at the same would really rock our worlds. We have just gotten to the point where our family of 3 can go out and do almost anything, and we are spontaneous. We are so comfortable with the way things are, and we are well aware of how much a pregnancy and new baby would change everything. Most of the changes would be wonderful, but some of them might not. I was on bed rest during my last pg for high blood pressure. If that happened again, it would be worse this time, with my daughters school activities and all. Hubby is gone a lot with his job and has an unpredictable schedule.

    I'm rambling. The point is, I'll be 32 this year and I have no earthly idea if I should have another baby or not. Just no clue whatsoever.
  9. Lori - we have almost an identical story - I just turned 33, ds is 5 and a half. Our family of three is so comfy, we can go everywhere - we even take a family vacay each year to Maui because we are just a threesome - add a baby in there and no more vacations for a long time. Just not sure if we should do this, I would LOVE to have a new baby, but not sure if it is right for our family, and dh is so nervous about losing our freedom as well...what to do? Moms with 2, how did you make that decision????