Trying to decide on what wallet to get?

  1. well I am thinking about getting this large black patent hobo pic below.. but I cant decide between these two wallets.. Thanks to Rankskimmie I have choices now hehe






  2. I'll go see what else I can find too:graucho:
  3. lol okay... lets see red to?? lol

  4. k, red it is BRB!
  5. lol.. well make it a party haha
  6. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]:shrugs:
  7. lol I am still stuck on this one..

  8. which one the all black one???

  9. Yeah, has a hot pink interior:drool:
  10. hmmm I like it.. plus I could use that wallet with other bags easily..
  11. wow.... I think we have a winner ding ding lol

  12. Yay!!! Go buy your patent now before someone else does lol!!
  13. lol ok thanks for helping your awesome.. your patent is adorable in white.. is your bag pretty roomy ?? the large is rite
  14. i like the pink also