Trying to decide on my first Chanel bag...need expert advice!

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  1. Hi guys!

    I'm usually on the LV forum, but Chanel has been growing on me lately and would like to find out which type of bag would suit my needs.

    I want it to go with casual clothes (everyday clothes) and as well as semi casual for dinner/movie dates. I prefer lighter and low maintenance bags. I usually carry an 8 ounce water bottle, a medium LV agenda, a toiletry pouch, iPhone, 4-key holder, and coin pouch.

    The 2 bags I was looking at were: Black GST and Black Jumbo Flap in Caviar. Would either of these bags be a good choice? I heard the GST is a heavy bag and one strap may fall off the shoulder. I also heard that the jumbos are going to be double flap soon...would this be too uncomfortable to get in/out of?

    This will be my first Chanel. Any other ideas are welcome.

    Thanks guys!
  2. I'll go for Jumbo black caviar with either gold or silver hardware
  3. I vote for Jumbo black caviar with either gold or silver hardware too. It is a classic.
  4. ty for your replies. Would all of my items fit inside? Why the flap instead of the tote?
  5. I'd consider the PTT (petit timeless tote), seeing that you bring a bottle of water and agenda, those items take up a little bit of space.. the bottle def wont fit in a flap.. it'd be too heavy! The GST is heavy! consider your frame/size and weight after all your items have been in the bag.
  6. Ty for that suggestion. I'm 5'4" 115 lbs and into medium-large size bags, but not XL.
  7. I have a GST and if you sort of cris cross the straps they really dont fall down :smile: Jumbo is always a the perfect size bag but with the new double flap thing coming soon, who knows if it might be uncomfortable :shrugs: Go to the store and actually try on the bags, get a feel for them before you blow a few grand! :smile:
  8. I prefer Black Jumbo Flap in Caviar over GST. Both are good for casual but for dinner/movie date, I think flap is better. Jumbo can definitely hold the items you listed.
    You can check how much it can fit at:
    What's in your CHANEL bag today? Include pics!

  9. Jumbo Flap!
  10. Thanks!
  11. I would go with jumbo - not a fan of GST.

  12. Let us know what you decide to get! :smile:
  13. Are you dead set on Jumbo or a GST? How about a Cruise or seasonal bag? They usually make some bigger bags that can hold what you described. I know a Jumbo definitely cannot hold a water bottle & cosmetic case at the same time because I can never get it all to fit in my Jumbos. And I don't even carry my agenda PM when I use my Jumbo. Then again, it all depends on how big your cosmetic case is.

    Good luck hunting!;)
  14. My cosmetic case is the LV Toiletry 19 the smallest one of the 3 they have. And no, I'm not dead set between these two...all other ideas are welcome. I will check out their seasonal/cruise bags TY.
  15. I'd also go for the Jumbo!