Trying to decide on a wristlet...

  1. well as you all know I have the Large Khaki/Chocolate Carly here is a picture with my wallet...which wrisltet between the two would look cute to go inside my carly..I just want it big enough for coins and maybe to use to take around to places etc..





  2. IMO, Choice 1. Less can fall out of a zippered bag! I would be afraid of something small sliding through the cracks of the capicity wrislet.
  3. The Hamptons turn lock!! It is PERFECT!!!!

  4. the one with the pretty pink pow??? :heart:
  5. I LOVE the first wristlet. I can tell you that both of those are more than big enough to hold some coins and to take around town!
  6. well I think i will get the 1st one the little bow is so cute aww
  7. I just love the capacity wristlets. They hold so much and make it so easy to switch from bag to bag which I do daily.
  8. The first one matches perfectly.
  9. wohooo I ordered my wristlet yay!!! I went with the first one.. I will post pics when I get her.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. It's going to look great with your bag. Perfect choice!
  12. DD has that the pink lining.
  13. :nuts:Lets get this one!!!!
  14. Off-topic, but I really love the pink ponytail scarf you have on your Carly...and where did you get that pink leather Coach tag? My Carly has a boring one!
  15. Great choice! Post pics when you get it!