Trying to decide on a new cel phone....

  1. and could really use your help! I had the Razr in the hot pink (loved the color, but HATED the phone). Dh got me the Cingular 8125 Pocket PC....which I like ok, but I don't like the slide out key board or the fact that the keypad for the phone is on the screen so it's hard to manuever when you're driving. So now dh is exchanging it for the Blackjack....not sure if I'll like it not having a stylus.

    Does anybody have any suggestions for a phone? I was thinking maybe of just getting a cel phone and then a PDA for my calendar, contacts, etc.?

    Thanks and sorry this was so long.
  2. The Blackberry Pearl is awesome. You might want to look into it.
  3. Can you use the keyboard numbers instead of the touchscreen? also, what about voice dialing or programmed presets for frequently called numbers? That might help a bit with the outgoing call process.

    I have the Treo 650 and pretty much love it. I can use the screen or the keyboard to dial calls and I can also dial with one hand while driving (even though we both shouldn't be dialing the phone while driving!!!) When it comes to business/smart phones. The Treo is still a very good contender.

    Also, if you want to sell your 8125, let me know. The gf wants that next.
  4. Yes, with the Blackberry Pearl, you use the keyboard numbers instead of a touchscreen. Voice-dialing, also. You mentioned wanting a separate PDA for your calendar, contacts, etc. No need for that if you have the Pearl. It is incredibly fuctional, and user-friendly... the best phone I've ever owned! :heart:
  5. I have the Treo 650, too. I love it! It's a neat PDA-camera-phone in one.
  6. How about a sidekick? I still drool over those!
  7. treo 650 or 750 are nice.

    i have the 8525 and totally love it. for quick access to the contacts, i suggest voice dialing or put them on speed dial.
  8. I have an LG enV, which I love, but only Verizon has it.
  9. You can't go wrong with the classic and chubby elegance of the Nokia 6103. Make a bold statement! Plus you can dress it up in its very own tight clothes. Mine only has 4 outfits, but I plan to get it a Red Carpet Evening Gown with stick on bling, and I am going to ask Mr Puff if he will make it a bed like Maggie's phone has. But with a canopy. Pale blue tulle, I think...