Trying to decide on a 'celebration' bag, having a hard time...need some help, please.

  1. OK...some musings, so bear with me....

    Lots of cool things coming up for me...
    Later this month is my 25 year anniversary with LV (25 years since I got my first bag.)
    Next month is my birthday, the big 4-0 (yikes)
    ...and...I am getting ready to hit 20,000 posts

    So I thought I would celebrate with a great new bag...makes sense, right?
    But nothing is appealing to me. :hrmm:

    I thought about getting a new keepall, mono or damier, to replace the one my son 'borrowed' for college, since that was my first bag from 25 years ago...but the reason I let him take it was I barely used I thought how about something similar, but different...looked at the Ribera gm and Nolita 24 (discontinued, but vf has one) but :shrugs:, they seem so blah.

    Posting about my white, mc keepall in the beach thread, makes me almost want to get a new one....yes, I could ask for mine back from my sister, but :s she loves it, and I would feel bad asking for it back after so I think I will let her just keep it.

    From the beach thread:
    So, now that I have completly bored you....any thoughts or suggestions?
  2. First off, a couple congrats are necessary!

    somehow get the MC keepall or a carryall! they are amazing in Mono or Utah
  3. For you mary? Hmm this is a hard one. I would look at these suggestions.

    The new waterproof keepal?
    SO epi alma voyage

    OR (best idea) what about springing for a boite on eBay?
    DH will understand 20,000 posts and the big 40 and 25 years with louis deserves something amazing
  4. None of the upcoming Fall/Winter bags interest you? I think they're launching mid-Sept.

    Maybe an... exotique... for the occassion? ;)
  5. I'd get a replacement white keepall or an exotic bag as Emily suggested.
  6. I'd get a replacement white keepall or MC speedy-- ooooh, or a damier azur speedy!

    Good luck!
  7. Water Proof keepall would be cool.
  8. I thought about the waterproof keepall, too...I think I am going to look at that tomorrow.

    I have the mono alma voyage, otherwise the special order epi would sound great.

    I have been thinking of sunset, but in perle...but I don't know if that is 'special' enough...kwim?

    I think I am just a spoiled brat, especially this year...I just bought too much and haven't saved something to celebrate with.
  9. Go for the special order epi
  10. How about getting LV fine jewellery or a watch? That's what I would choose for my 40th. Seems you have a lot of bags already and if none of the new ones coming out are shouting your name then perhaps some bling would be appealing?
  11. How bout a LV watch?
  12. i really like the idea of the waterproof keepall!
  13. I would go w/a special piece of LV jewelry as suggested. I would get the charm bracelet w/1 or 2 charms and add more for different occasions.

    For my 40th b'day three yrs ago, my DH let me choose either a nice piece of jewlery or a watch. I opted for a watch.
  14. I'd get a really exotic bag ! :graucho:
  15. mc keepall