Trying to decide...L'ingenieux or Le Superbe? (kinda long)

  1. First off, let me say that I'm a novice to handbags and to LV. I've seen some pics, read some threads/reviews and have yet to decide if I want to buy a LV. So please don't be offended if I ask questions that seem odd or ruffle anyones offense.

    Ok, so I'm thinking about getting my first LV and I think I've narrowed it down to either the Suhali L'ingenieux or Le Superbe in cream/ivory. I don't have any cream/winter white/ivory colored that's why I'm considering it. Also, ivory/cream is a classic neutral that goes w/ every color clothing, right? I want something that will last like forever and still be stylish.

    I did see Le Superbe in the Verone color IRL but I'm not sure how well the Verone would coordinate w/ various colored clothing. I had the SA put the verone next to the monogram (since its a brown) to see whether it goes well but I just don't know....Any thoughts?

    Also, how is the durability of the Suhali (which is goat skin, right?) compared to the Epi (which is calf skin?) Are there other LV leather bags besides the Suhali and Epi lines?

    I heard from the SA that there used to be a L'ingenieux GM which was discontinued? Does anyone have one in GM w/ pics? Can the GM be carried over the shoulder? (I don't know why I want to know since I can't get it anymore if its discontinued...but I'm just curious like that).

    The one concern I have w/ the L'ingenieux PM is that I can't carry it over my shoulder (and its kinda heavy due to the frame, I' guess). I'm bummed about that, if it could go over my shoulder I don't think I would be considering Le Superbe. But I like the way L'lingeniux looks with the frame and very lady-like (can be carried to business dinners/formal dinners/etc. or w/ a pair of jeans).

    Le Superbe is roomy and I can easily fit all my daily items w/ room to spare for a bottle of water or a magazine or a light cashmere sweater. But like someone said in another thread, Le Superbe is just a bowler w/ a pocket attached.

    whew...I think I should stop and post this before I turn my thoughts into a novel. well? what do you think?
  2. I love both bags. I really want the Le Superbe, OMG it is so gorgeous! If you are going to use it, then that is the one I would get! I like it in white!
  3. Suhali line is simply gorgeous!!! great choice!!! Both bags are beautiful but if I have to choose I would go for le superbe!!!
  4. Both are great, but I prefer Le Superbe. It`s amazing! :nuts:
  5. Thanks for the input! I'd love to hear more. I'm still wavering between the two... It will be my first (and maybe last?) LV for quite a while.

    I'll definitely try to post some pics whichever one I eventually get (unless I see something else from LV's line that works perfectly for me).

    My DH is such an enabler, when I mentioned that I may get another one, maybe used from a reputable reseller (just to test what his tolerance of my new found interest in purses), he's like 'go for it'. :love:
  6. My vote goes towards the Le Superb. :tup:
  7. I have the l'ingenieux pm in white and it is so heavy (even when empty) ..I much prefer using my suhali lockit....I tried on the le superbe today in verone and it is lovely plus it fit easily on my shoulder and was quite light too:heart:
  8. Le Superbe is lovely.
  9. Le Superbe :drool:
  10. Le superbe
    .... I am considering my first piece of suhali as well
  11. [​IMG]Lingenieux pm or th superbe...(no pics of superbe that I can find) I don't know what that one looks like:confused1:...I can't find a pic to make a decision. I do like this one though~ And the color would be fab in any in which you choose.
  12. Ghost55 - here's what Le Superbe looks like.
  13. ok, so I went to the LV boutique today and after getting the SA to bring out the white Le Superbe and the ivory L'ingenieux once again, I saw the white Epi bowling montaigne GM on the display shelf and started to waver on which one to get. Arggh, I'm so indecisive.

    So, after much egging on from my DH and changing trying on multiple purses on shoulder/arm, I got the white Epi bowling GM. ;) I've taken some pics (should I post them here in this tread or start a new one?) the epi montaigne gm heavier than Le superbe? I just put my daily purse items in when I got home and it just felt heavy to me...don't know if it would feel just as heavy w/ Le superbe...why didn't I put them both in when I was in the store, I don't know?! :confused1:
  14. I love the Le Superbe! I think a neutral color would coordinate well with anything :tup:
  15. I noticed the weight when I tried on the L'ingenieux too, but its just so pretty. When I had the L'ingenieux next to Le Superbe on the counter at the boutique, the ladies who pass by gravitated towards the L'ingenieux and some many commented on how beautiful it is, but no comments on Le Superbe, :confused1:

    Do you (or anyone on the forum) have the bowling GM or tried it? How does the weight compare w/ L'ingenieux?

    I'm so freaking indecisive. The weight of the Epi GM is heavier than I expected with my stuff in it. I'm wondering if I should just exchange it for Le Superbe (or L'ingenieux...arrgh!)