Trying to decide...chambray or robins egg?

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  1. Having a little dilemma. Can anybody help? I want a new duffle and can't decide between chambray or robins egg. Which is the darker of the two? Thanks!!
  2. Robins egg is more aqua. Chambray is more purple. I can't remember ever seeing them side by side but the chambray seems darker. I remember taking my cornflower Hailey in to the store when I looked at chambray and the colors were close enough that I couldn't justify getting a chambray duffle.

    Also robins egg has gold hardware.
  3. Great to know, thanks so much!!:smile:
  4. Wait, are you referring to the Legacy duffles of last year's colors? Because that chambray is on the lighter side. It's much different than the current chambray color in this year's Borough bags. HTH!
  5. Robin's Egg is definitely darker overall. They are two completely different blues but overall robin's egg is darker. Really depends on hardware preference as chambray has silver while RE has brass! :smile: good luck deciding. Both are beautiful!
  6. [​IMG]

    Robin, Robin's Egg, Chambray

    Not sure why it doesn't show but picture is in Blues Clubhouse
  7. Thanks for all the good info here :smile: I am still thinking about it, leaning towards chambray probably. Like them both though.