Trying to decide between the Tulum pm and the BH. Thoughts?

  1. I had the BH, but had to return it. I am trying to decide now between the two because I really want a mono shoulder bag. Does anyone have both? I hope to go to the boutique tomorrow to see them.
  2. i'm a sucker for the BH -- such a practical bag.
  3. BH all the way! I love mine. In fact i'm on my way out soon and will be switching back to it. I just love this bag.
  4. Bh
  5. I also love my BH. I carry it more than any of my other bags. Very practical and loads of space.
  6. Thanks everyone. The BH is a great bag. I wonder why the Tulum is not that popular.
  7. I really like the BH. my only negative is the outer shoulder strap always falls off.
  8. Put the outer strap under the inner strap and it should stay.
  9. I love the BH, it's one of the best monogram bags out there.
  10. I own and love the tulum...I love the hobo is very MJ as well....
  11. I prefer the Tulum.
  12. I think the BH or BV would be a good choice and less expensive than the Tulum PM.
  13. Yay BH! The Tulums look dumpy IMO.
  14. Bh
  15. Dumpy? Really? I have never thought of it this way. It seems the Tulum is a love it or hate it kind of bag. I need to go try it on. I have a feeling it is the type of bag that looks better in person.