Trying to decide between the Chloé drew in small black vs the pochette Metis in black leather

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Which one shall I get

  1. LV pochette Metis

    8 vote(s)
  2. Chloe black drew in small

    10 vote(s)
  1. Hi all

    So I’m trying to decide between a day to night bag and was thinking of either the LV pochette Metis vs the Chloe drew in black small. The Chloe definitely transitions better into evening but I’m afraid it’s very trendy and won’t maintain its value even though I never sell bags!

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  2. If you resell, the PM will bring you more money than the drew. I’ve seen PM being resold for MORE than the original price tag!

    PM is extremely popular. Camera bags will always be in.
  3. I loooove the pm. The drew is pretty and feminine but I think the pm is less trendy and more likely to retain value.

    That said, buy what you love. I really love the noir pm, so that would be my choice.
  4. I think the PM is so over rated - seems like everyone has one. Drew is a bit more eye catching and versatile in my opinion.
  5. I love the drew! The shape is perfect and you can wear it day to night. PM is a pretty bag but in my view so overrated!
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  6. I have the noir PM and love it. The drew doesn’t even come close in my opinion - I think it’s so overrated!
  7. I would go for the black Drew - the style has been around for years, if you're worried about trendiness [emoji4] I love the Pochette Metis, but the black makes it look like a mini briefcase... What did you end up going with?
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  8. Love my PM! I just took it on a trip to NY and DC and used it every day. So practical yet sturdy too
  9. Both are beautiful.

    Personally I am not a Drew fan, but comparing both designs I think the Drew is more feminine and probably a tad more elegant while the PM is a tad more casual.

    I agree that LV has the better resale value.

    I think the decision depends on your preferences. If you love it, you love it. Have you seen both IRL to check for their usuability? I know PM holds more than it looks like. Drew, I don‘t know because I don‘t own one.
  10. it depends on your stiyle imo. are you more the Jeans and Shirt type than go for the metis.
    are you more girly with Dresses and blouses go fot the drew.

    the day to night Thing only goes for me with the drew. the metis is very causal and sporty
  11. I'm probably the only one on earth who doesn't get the appeal of the LV PM
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  12. So I ordered the pochette Metis and I sent it back as I didn’t like it ‍♀️
    So now I’m thinking of getting the Chloe bag however I won’t be getting the small as I have seen it look too soft and misshapen after a while.
    Anyone who has the mini drew has this happened with your bag?
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