Trying to decide between Neverfull MM and Melie...

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  1. Anyone own the Melie? I am looking for a shoulder bag....not necessarily a "tote" such as the Neverfull. I live 5 hours away from an LV and have to order, so unfortunately cannot go and try on any bags. I have mostly handheld bags with a shoulder strap, but am kind of looking for a Hobo or tote style bag. I would love to see pictures of the Melie carried on the shoulder if anyone has any pictures. Just wondering how the Melie is wearing and if there are any "issues" with canvas, glazing, etc....Pros/Cons anybody?
  2. It's a beautiful bag, not a workhorse type bag as is the NF. I have both. Love the Melie.
  3. Go to the Melie clubhouse. There are issues with the bottom corners wearing very quickly.
  4. I love the style of the Melie, but the design on the bottom corners wore off of mine in literally less than a week. Not sure why this bag has this particular issue, very unfortunate.
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  5. Oh no....thanks for the information. Not sure I want to spend that much for a bag that wears that quickly. Hopefully they will get it sorted sooner rather than later. However, it does look like a BEAUTIFUL bag!
  6. Hi! I know you've since then bought a melie. How are u liking it so far? I am also in d same dilemma. I prefer a shoulder bag over a tote and was pondering getting the melie over a NF MM. Whats your thoughts on this? Any guidance pls? My nearest LV is 6 hours away [emoji17]
  7. I LOVE my Melie! This bag is gorgeous! The quality feel of the canvas is wonderful. At first it's a little stiff, but after using it for a while it develops a very nice slouch for a hobo style. I get compliments on this bag all the time. I am really glad I decided to purchase this bag. I have had no problems at all with my corners. GLD
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  8. I would pick up the NF. I don't think Melie is very practical bag for the money they ask for it/
  9. I'm not very wowed with the never full. It can carry a lot but I'm not one to stuff it because I hate carrying around heavy stuff. Weird I know. I'm just like that. Hoping the Melie can carry only the most needed flight essentials and as it folds over nothing will fall over in d conveyor belt. Also the exterior zips would be a great place to keep phones, passport and some wipes for quick access.
  10. That's odd you say this...have you seen this bag in person? I own both NF and the Melie and the Melie is MUCH MUCH higher quality than a Neverfull and extremely functional and much classier in my opinion. The Melie is "Old Style LV Quality".....
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  11. I replaced my Neverfull GM with the Duomo Hobo, have you thought about that bag.
  12. I don't own either but I love the melie because it's more versatile
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