Trying to decide between Monogram and Damier...Help!!!

  1. I love the clasic LV look of Monogram but I like the darker handles and leather of Damier less stress lol

    What do you think about these and why?

    Thank you so much, I am about to purchase my first ever LV!!!
  2. Damier for you mentioned ' less stress':smile:
  3. the Damier is definitely much easier to take care of, because it's darker and has no vachetta. it's also a very classic line, and it doesn't yodel the brand name in every direction. it would be a great first LV!
  4. I agree with the others, you can't go wrong with Damier!
  5. I was in the same situation 2 weeks ago, with buying my first LV. I end up buying a LV monogram, it being my first purchase, and a week later, an LV in solved my dilemma, lol! I figured, I wouldnt be carrying my bag everyday, hence the solution to less stress! But that again is my personal opinion!:smile:
  6. I don't think you can go wrong with either. If I had to choose I would probably choose Mono, but that's just me. Do you have a bag in mind that you are trying to decide between Damier and Mono or are you going to choose your material first and bag later?
  7. I really love the Trouville! I like that is seems more structured but I think it is only available in MONO but there are others I like in Damier as well.
  8. i'm agreeing with the Damier... :smile:
  9. I think it depends on the style of bag you are looking for, but for a first LV I would go with a mono.

  10. I am addicted to Damier, so I don't think I can give you an objective opinion! :shame:

    Now the important question - what bag are you thinking of getting??
  11. I just purchased a Damier speedy 30 to use as my rainy day/snowy day bag. I'll be less stressed out about getting it wet, so when it's beautiful out, I can carry my leather bags without worry. That's just my input.
  12. What a hard decision!!! Mono is so classic for LV but I love the darker leather...YIKES..Thank you everyone and please keep the opinions coming my way :smile: Oh I am also loving the trouville or speedy?
  13. damier!!!!!
  14. Can I ask why those who prefer Damier like it better than mono?
  15. Monogram, cuz its classic!